The Key Word Commentary is not your average commentary. In fact, it’s incredibly different than every other commentary we’ve used. It provides 10 key insights for every chapter of the Bible, all 1,189 of them. Let’s take a look inside!

What’s Inside the Key Word Commentary?

Using the commentary is fairly straightforward. Open it to the chapter you want to learn about. Then, you’ll find ten “key” categories that provide summary and analysis.

There are ten key categories for each chapter:

  1. Before and After
  2. Analysis of Chapter
  3. Key Verse
  4. Key Word
  5. Key Person/Event
  6. Key Thought
  7. Key Thing(s) to Look For
  8. Key Bible Cross-Reference
  9. Key “By Way of Explanation”
  10. Key “Quotable Quote”

As you can imagine, this makes for a very big book. In order to find the information you are looking for in the print version, you’ll thumb through over 1000 pages. There are some resources that we don’t mind using paper versions of… but this is not one of them. Look how easy it is to use the Key Word Commentary in the app.

Key Word Commentary & Olive Tree

If you open the Key Word Commentary in the main window, you can use the verse chooser to quickly open any chapter you want.

You can toggle between grid and list view by tapping the menu button in the upper-right corner.

Once you open to the section you are looking for, you’ll see each of the ten “keys.” Here is what the Key Word Commentary has to share on Genesis chapter two.

Information like this is helpful anytime you’re in need of a quick refresher. It can get you headed in the right direction for a quick Bible study or discussion.

The Key Word Commentary is also useful for jumpstarting your own personal time in the Word. Even the most confusing chapters of the Bible have these 10 key points for you to reflect on.

Using the Resource Guide

We talk about the Resource Guide all the time because it helps you get the most out of your Bible study tools. The Key Word Commentary is no exception!

Anytime you’re reading the Bible, you have quick access to the Key Word Commentary. Since this commentary covers every chapter of the Bible, it will constantly be available in the commentaries category of the Resource Guide. All you need to do is tap and it will appear side-by-side with your Bible translation.

Lastly, don’t forget that all the verse references are hyperlinked! So, when the Key Word Commentary tells you about an important cross-reference, you can quickly get the scoop.

Start Using the Key Word Commentary

Are you ready to start using the Key Word Commentary? You can get it on our website and immediately begin studying in the app.


  1. If you like to study the bible and you want a tool to help you get a little deeper and gain more understanding this is the tool for you. For a long time I have wanted an easy tool to help me see the broad picture and more depth of meaning of each chapter without the hassle of a huge bible commentary series. This is just the tool I needed.

  2. While I appreciate your opinion on the app version of the Key Commentary, I do wish that you and others like you would let the user decide if they wanted to utilize an app or a written text of a resource. For example myself, I learn much better using an actual textbook I can hold. I can underline, highlight, make notes, circle, or do whatever I need with a written text. An app doesn’t always allow you to do all those things with. And different people utilize different methods that are optimal for them to best learn.

    • Michael Potter Reply

      Fair enough! Our intention was to compare their functionality and demonstrate how to use this title in our app, which is helpful for anyone making a purchasing decision (we only sell digital copies so we might be a bit biased 😉 ). If you already have the print version, then that’s awesome!

    • Craig, from taking a quick look at the resource, it looks like the KJV is the translation used in the brief quotes.

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