One of the best ways to decide if a commentary is right for you is to read the general editor’s preface. This gives you an overview of why and how they created the commentary. Here’s what the general editor, Philip W. Comfort, has to say about the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary:

The Cornerstone Biblical Commentary is based on the second edition of the New Living Translation (2015).

Nearly 100 scholars from various church backgrounds and from several countries (United States, Canada, England, and Australia) participated in the creation of the NLT. Many of these same scholars are contributors to this commentary series. All the commentators, whether participants in the NLT or not, believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word and have a desire to make God’s word clear and accessible to his people.

This Bible commentary is the natural extension of our vision for the New Living Translation, which we believe is both exegetically accurate and idiomatically powerful.

The NLT attempts to communicate God’s inspired word in a lucid English translation of the original languages so that English readers can understand and appreciate the thought of the original writers. In the same way, the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary aims at helping teachers, pastors, students, and laypeople understand every thought contained in the Bible. As such, the commentary focuses first on the words of Scripture, then on the theological truths of Scripture—inasmuch as the words express the truths.

The commentary itself has been structured in such a way as to help readers get at the meaning of Scripture, passage by passage, through the entire Bible.

Each Bible book is prefaced by a substantial book introduction that gives general historical background important for understanding. Then the reader is taken through the Bible text, passage by passage, starting with the New Living Translation text printed in full. This is followed by a section called “Notes,” wherein the commentator helps the reader understand the Hebrew or Greek behind the English of the NLT, interacts with other scholars on important interpretive issues, and points the reader to significant textual and contextual matters. The “Notes” are followed by the “Commentary,” wherein each scholar presents a lucid interpretation of the passage, giving special attention to context and major theological themes.

The commentators represent a wide spectrum of theological positions within the evangelical community.

We believe this is good because it reflects the rich variety in Christ’s church. All the commentators uphold the authority of God’s word and believe it is essential to heed the old adage: “Wholly apply yourself to the Scriptures and apply them wholly to you.” May this commentary help you know the truths of Scripture, and may this knowledge help you “grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord” (2 Pet 1:2, NLT).


Inside the Olive Tree Bible App, you can easily navigate between the 20 different volumes found in this set.

In this first image, there are a few important details you should note.

  1. Each volume prepares you with a section on abbreviations, and transliteration & numbering system, and information about the author. This is great information to have when using an in-depth commentary.
  2. There are introductions for each book, giving you plenty of necessary background on Scripture before you dive deep.
  3. The Cornerstone Biblical Commentary is structured around an in-depth outline. You’ll receive the whole outline at once in the book introduction. But you will see it again as you make your way through the commentary text!


Per usual, this commentary works with the Resource Guide! If you’re reading a passage of Scripture, and the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary has something to say about it—we will be sure to let you know. Just look in the Resource Guide for a number to appear next to the commentary. Tap on it, and we will show you the applicable sections!


Visit our website to watch a video on how commentaries work in the app, see which volumes are included in this set, and learn more about the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary. It’s a fantastic tool!


  1. Fred Rauch

    It says look inside CORNERSTONE BIBLICAL COMMENTARY but it does not let me look inside it; it just takes me to web pages.

    • Cierra Klatt

      The “Look Inside” aspect of this blog is that we are giving you portions of content from the resource, describing its features, and giving visuals. If you look at the images above, they change and show different views of the resource being used in the app.

  2. Bob Daniel

    How do I download the Commentary to me Kindle?

    • Cierra Klatt

      If you’ve purchased the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary either on our website or inside the app, then it should appear in your library for download. If you don’t see it there, then go to the store in the app and look under the purchases tab. You can see all of your purchases there and re-download them at any time.