The NIV Beautiful Word Bible features 500 familiar verses, chosen from every book of the Bible. Artists illustrated verses from beloved stories, prophecies, and promises in full color to enhance your devotional experience in God’s Word. Perhaps, it can even inspire you to take up your pen and create your own unique Scripture artwork.

Beautiful Word Bible Olive Tree Bible App

In the App

To read the text and view the illustrations in the Olive Tree Bible App, open it up in the main window. Tapping on any of the images will open it in a separate window. Then, you can pinch to zoom in.

The formatters designed this Bible for viewing in a single pane. So, you can scroll up and down to see the images inline and in context with the verse from which they are drawn. Or, you can use the verse chooser to go directly to any Bible chapter and verse you like. And as with any Olive Tree Bible text, you can add your own notes, highlight words or verses, and bookmark your favorite passages.

Beautiful Word Bible Olive Tree Bible App 2

Images in the Resource Guide

The visually appealing illustrated Bible verses are available in the Resource Guide while you read any translation. Just keep your eye out for them in the images section of the guide!

Beautiful Word Bible Olive Tree Bible App 3
Beautiful Word Bible Olive Tree Bible App 4

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  1. Daniel Tran

    wow very distracting reading experience

  2. Lillian Gui

    Hello I love it ?? do you have it in NASB?

  3. JohnGwangju

    It is lovely! Like any other object infused with creativity, it could either be something that bridges or distracts. I easily get absorbed by the beautiful, as in the artwork here. But it’s momentary. Eventually, I am lifted up by the majesty to whom these sketches ultimately point to.

  4. Tim Boynton

    Can the pictures be copied or printed from the resource guide or only looked at?

    • Andrew F.

      There is currently no way to copy or print them from the app.

  5. Chris Milligan

    A more modern take on the illuminated manuscripts. Almost like reading the bible on pinterest or instagram. Like the illuminated scripts I’m sure its beneficial to some and less to others.

  6. I enjoy the art, but not to read it, unless I made it.

  7. Brett Taylor

    > Index of illustrated Scripture passages

    I’ve bought this resource, it’s great! However, the store page says there’s an index that lists all the verses where there are images. Maybe I can’t find it, all I can find is the illustrator’s names in the End Matter (which could be hyperlinked but aren’t.)

    Where can I find this index? . I’m on iOS 9 with Olive Tree 6.0.7.

    (Also, if you open an image from Beautiful Word in the Resource Guide, it could show the illustrators name in the caption…?)

    • Andrew F.

      I’m sorry to say that for the digital version there isn’t a index as the description indicated. Often times the descriptions we get are based off of the print version and while we try and edit them for digital we sometimes miss things. We’ve fixed the product description and again apologize for the confusion on this.

  8. An exquisitely designed, full-color Bible that offers you eye-popping, full-color illustrations of well-known Scripture passages, as well as space for your own creations. This exquisitely-designed, full-color Bible appeals to both the artist who desires to personalize and create art based on Scripture, as well as the disciple who desires to understand and experience God s Word in a deeper way.