The KJV Reese Chronological Study Bible  is an awesome resource if you want to read the Bible from literal beginning to end. Along with the Bible text, this resource comes with:

  • geographical and archeological notes that help verify Scripture accounts
  • cultural and historical notes that shed light on biblical contexts
  • explanations of difficult passages and words
  • ages and genealogies of key figures
  • translations of weights and measurements to today’s usage
  • 365-day reading plan

Let’s take a look inside!

The Contents of the Reese Chronological Study Bible

First, this study Bible features the KJV text that’s easy to read and navigate. At the start of each section, there are links allowing for quick access forward or backward in the Bible’s timeline.


Olive Tree Bible App

The table of contents allows for two choices. You can use the default Olive Tree grid verse chooser to get to a specific verse. Or, you can use a list layout to choose passages written in specific time periods. Also, you can quickly go from what the Bible has to say about a particular time period, to a specific verse, in a matter of seconds.


Look Inside: Reese Chronological Study Bible 2


Look Inside: Reese Chronological Study Bible 3

The Reese Chronological Study Bible & the Resource Guide

If you have another Bible open in the main window of your Olive Tree Bible App, you will have access to nearly 300 study notes! These notes will show up in the Resource Guide under the “Commentary” section.


Look Inside: Reese Chronological Study Bible 4


Look Inside: Reese Chronological Study Bible 5

A Year-Long Reading Plan

The KJV Reese Chronological Study Bible also contains additional features, like a year-long reading plan that can be followed either in this or your favorite Bible translation.

Look Inside: Reese Chronological Study Bible 6

Learn More!

You can learn more about the Reese Chronological Study Bible on our website. Then, if this handy tool interests you, add it to your Olive Tree account to start using it today.


  1. Jacqueline Hyde

    This looks interesting, however, there is no possible way for me to afford it. Thank you though.

  2. Kwaku Adomako Boateng

    I love that but the money. Thank you

  3. I have used the print version of the KJV Reese Chronological Bible for years. It is an invaluable resource. It is great to be able to add it to the Olive Tree Bible software with the search capabilities and reading plan.

  4. Hattie B Johnson

    I think I would like this, but is it an eBook? I only have a desktop and a laptop. How would it work on either of them?

  5. A very good Bible for Study. Is it possible to download it using WiFi? Can one transfer to desktop after downloading using a smartphone?

  6. Gary Appuhn

    If I buy and download this resource, can I then opt to read it using NKJV or another version rather than KJV? I know it comes with an “outline”, but if you look at the outline at the back of the book, it is not very detailed – at least not to the extent that the outlines I have seen independent of the book (designed for the 1977 Reese, not this one). I don’t want to buy another digital version if I cannot change the translation – I already have it in a kindle. Thank you!

    • Cierra Loux

      Hey, Gary! This study Bible is a bit different than our usual study Bibles. Since it is a chronological Bible, one of the main features is that the Bible text is organized in order of events instead of canonically. So, the Bible text and study Bible notes are inseparable. From your comment, I’m assuming you’re used to our other study Bibles, where the notes and Bible text are completely separate. As a workaround, you could open this study Bible in the main window and the NKJV Bible in the parallel tab of the Study Center. Then the NKJV would follow along. However, you will still always see the KJV Bible text next to the notes. I hope this helps and feel free to reach out to if you have more questions!