The NKJV Word Study Bible (and KJV version!) is a fantastic resource for your personal Bible study. It includes the NKJV or KJV Bible text with Strong’s tagging, translators’ notes, book introductions, word studies, indexes and a concordance. In this blog we’ll show you how this great resource works when used in the Olive Tree Bible App.

Strong’s Tagging

The Word Study Bible includes Strong’s tagging. This means you can tap an English word and get the Greek or Hebrew word equivalent. Strong’s tagged words are indicated by a blue font. Then, the Strong’s popup will give you a dictionary definition of that word and the option to lookup more information on the word itself. This is very useful if you have more in depth dictionaries in your library! You can also search the Strong’s number to find that word throughout the Bible.

NKJV Word Study Bible Strong's

Study Bible Notes

The study Bible notes in the Word Study Bible are best used in the Study Center. You can open them in the Resource Guide under ‘Commentaries’ or from your library in the parallel tab. They will stay in sync as you are reading and provide you with easy access to word study articles.

Word Study Bible notes

Additional Features

Per usual, you can tap on verse references to open a pop-up window. That way, you can always understand the context of what you’re reading.

hyperlinked notes in the word study bible
Open verse references in a convenient pop-up window.

By tapping the English Word Index in the word study article, you’ll be taken to this section of the resource.

nkjv strong's English word index
English Word Index

Now you can find other versions of the word you were learning about. In this example, we were looking at the word study article for “calling”. Now “call” is also available to us.

nkjv strong's scripture passage index
Scripture Passage Index

By selecting the Scripture Passage Index, you can see a list of words surrounding the passage you’re in.

Additional Word Studies

While the most common word studies are shown front and center there are often word study articles available on more than one word per verse. If that is the case you’ll find links for those additional word studies that you can easily tap for further reading.

pop up window with word studies in the olive tree bible app

Have a question we didn’t cover here? Ask it in the comments below.


NKJV KJV Word Study Bible

This word study Bible contains 1,700 easy-to-use word studies. That is 1,700 opportunities to gain new insight while reading God’s Word. So go deeper in your study by adding the NKJV Word Study Bible to your library today.


  1. Is it possible to make all the text black to aid reading? Meaning, can the Strong’s hyperlinked words be black instead of blue?

  2. Richard Albest

    I have a comment on the note. I it possible to use highlight in my notes when I’m preparing a teaching?

    • Andrew F.

      At this time there is no way to highlight your own notes, only text in the main window.

  3. Robert Carruthers

    what size is this Bible and does it come in large print

    • Andrew F.

      Robert, this is a digital version and it works in our free Bible App.

  4. Virginia

    If I purchase this can it be download to my phone and tablet, compiter for the 1 price. Or do you need to purchase it for each one.

    • Andrew F.

      Once you purchase any resource it is available on up to 5 devices that you have the Olive Tree Bible App installed on.

  5. I have the CWSB from Olive tree. Would this NKJV Word study Bible offer something more, or is it a similar in content?

  6. Mark McDonald

    Hey, Andrew! Is the NKJV Word Study Bible still available?

    • Andrew F.

      Hi Mark, it’s always available although when this was originally posted it was on sale.

  7. Linda Jorde

    I seem to only have the NKJV Word Study Bible notes and not the Bible itself. I tried several things. I closed out the app and opened it again, I downloaded the Bible again, I powered my phone off and turned it back on. What am I missing?

  8. Hi,

    I read the blog and had help from support so at least I now understand the resource. You mentioned in this article that there notes will stay in sync with where you’re reading the Bible from but what I’m finding is the helps will always open to the introduction of the book of the Bible I’m reading. How do I get it to sync with what I’m actually reading? So far I’ve had to scroll until I get there. That can get pretty tedious if I’m reading Ps 150, fort example.

  9. Mytechnicalhindi

    Very good and informative blog. Thanks for sharing such a good information.