No matter your level of expertise with the Bible, there are certain things we all do when we come to a time of studying God’s Word. After reading the text, there are two things we always hope to walk away with from the text: 1) what does this passage mean, and 2) how does it apply to me? There are any number of good tools we can use to find these answers. The problem is that the majority of the tools available only do half the job. You either get really good commentary explaining the text, but little to no application; or, you get lots of anecdotes & application, but find it lacking when it comes to helping you understand what the passage says. The NIV Application Commentary (NIVAC) is a study tool that gives you everything you need to both understand and apply the text. Let’s take a look at how NIVAC can help you get the most out of any Bible passage.

Original Meaning

Before you can attempt to make any sort of application from Scripture you first have to understand it.

This involves figuring out the author’s intent and how the original recipients would have understood what was said. Here you will find all the elements of traditional exegesis in concise form. NIVAC makes this incredibly simple with its easy to read commentary. Reading through this section brings forward all the historical & cultural background details needed to make sense of the text. Even when presented with original language or extrabiblical material, the commentary is still easy to follow and never overly technical. Without a doubt, once you’re done with this section you’ll know what your passage means and how the original audience understood it.

NIVAC on Olive Tree original meaning

Bridging Contexts

When you have a grasp on the passage & how the original recipients would have understood it, you can bring the text forward to the present day.

NIVAC helps you do this with the “Bridging Contexts” section of their commentary. While God’s Word is timeless, it presents unique challenges in figuring out how passages relate to us. This section answers how the Bible fits into our world today. It helps you figure out what is timeless in a passage and what is not. Does a particular issue the recipients faced still hold true for us today? Was the instruction contained in a passage for that audience alone or does it apply for all time? These are the types of questions you’ll find answers to.

NIVAC on Olive Tree bridging contexts

Contemporary Significance

One of the more difficult things about studying a passage is making application. How do you take what you’ve learned in the process of exegesis and speak to today’s problems? NIVAC has the solution. After you’ve identified what relates to the original audience & explored the contexts in which the text can be applied, you can then craft your application. The commentary does this in such a way that their applications don’t easily become dated. They don’t skimp on depth from the text at the expense of application. NIVAC’s goal is to put the tools in your hands so you can successfully make your own application for preaching, teaching, or personal edification.

NIVAC on Olive Tree contemporary significance

It Helped Me & It Can Help You

The NIV Application Commentary series is a unique Bible study tool. It is a reference work in its truest sense, but helps you think through the process of making application, instead of handing you examples that will age with time. From beginning to end, NIVAC will help you get the most out of the biblical text. I’ve personally been blessed by this commentary. Whether I’m preparing a sermon or digging into the text for personal edification, NIVAC always has something for me. It has quickly become one of my go-to resources for any type of study.

Whether you’re looking for an individual commentary or the entire set, we’ve got it! Head on over to our website to learn even more about this product.


  1. David Rosier

    I am interested in knowing how this works

  2. Don Williams

    Sounds interesting, however if I were to by something like this I would want to see the entire volume to make a value judgement as to its usefulness in my life

  3. Milan Weerts

    I’m almost scared to ask this, How much does it cost? Whenever you don’t print the price, I’m already scared. I like to preach and teach, but I am retired and don’t have a book allowance from a church anymore.

  4. Kenneth D Pollitt

    What does this cost? Seems like a great tool for serious study.