We spoke, and we listened! Many of you asked for the ability to make wish lists on our website. Now you can!

If you are logged in with your Olive Tree account, head on over to a product page. Then, look in the left side-bar. You see a button that says “Add To Wish List”.

It Looks Like This


After adding an item, we’ll take you to your list.


This screen confirms you added the product to your wish list. From here, you have a few more options available to you. You can…

  • move the item from your list to your cart by selecting Add to Cart.
  • share your wishlist via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • choose to make your list Public or Private. Public lists are visible only if someone has a link.
  • delete item or delete the entire list.

You can access this at any time by going to your account and selecting “My Wish List”.


  1. Thank you for adding the wish list option! It will be a great tool to store titles I would like to purchase later.

  2. I agree that it would be very helpful to be notified when a wish list item goes on sale.

  3. Wish list is a great addition to our site. It would be great if we could build our own package for a % off. The larger the $ amount combination with # of items would determine the discount. Thats just an idea because some of us have already books that are part of an existing pkg. #plausible

  4. Can wish-list be used to request titles that do not currently appear on Olive Tree’s book shelves?

    • Not at this time. It currently only works for titles that are available for purchase.

  5. I know this feature is on iOS and the Mac App, but I would like it when using Internet browsers it would show the current item we are viewing if it has already been purchased or not, and or, if it’s in our wishlist.

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