In honor of our nine-year anniversary in the App Store and Customer Appreciation Week, we’ve asked for your significant stories—ways that reading God’s Word through our app has brought change in your life or others. We strongly believe that God’s Word brings restoration and transformation to people’s lives. So, we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating our wonderful customers, and we are celebrating what God has accomplished.


I’ve been around Olive Tree since 2000; I lived in Hawaii then. This is when I started to find the Bible online. I was amazed to see the software on the site as I searched for the Bible. It wasn’t until 2002 that was able to use it. I moved to Virginia and I got a Palm PDA (remember those?) from my dad. Olive Tree was the first piece of software I put on it. I was (and still continue) to be amazed at how powerful it is!

The true value of Olive Tree was made apparent to me at the local library in 2007. I had a Blackberry Pearl with the NRSV. I got into a debate/discussion with a random guy. Then I used the software to look up verses to refute him. I felt God’s hand through the app as Olive Tree made searching easy. As we were going around in circles, we decided to agree to disagree; that ended the encounter.

The software has proven its worth in recent months. Olive Tree has helped me prepare to study the weekly Sunday school lesson and teach it on occasions. In summary I’m thankful to God for what Olive Tree has done in my life for the past 17+ years.”


[. . .]But another, big reason I like my Olive Tree app is my vision difficulties. I have several causes besides the typical “senior” problem. With the app, the light of the screen helps me see the text. Plus, I can choose the background and text color and change the font size to whatever I need for any reading session. This helps me to continue to study, since I can no longer use some of the resources I have in print.”


I love Olive Tree app and recommend it to all of my friends because being a seminary student who lives on a very limited budget, I have to be smart in the way I spend my book money and here I get the best available resources for the cheapest price. I would not have finished this last year at the seminary here in Brazil as I did, if I did not have such an amazing app that aids me in urgent situations (on the smartphone), at home (on the desktop) and at the seminary (on the tablet).”


“So this preacher came on the subway (a while back) and announced ‘people it’s time to put down your phones and pick up your Bibles.’ I was like ‘bro, way ahead of you’ and showed him my Olive Tree Bible app on my phone. He was NOT impressed LOL!!. My go-to Bible (maybe 9 yrs. and counting).”


“I love the ease of use of this app. As I read portions of scripture the Holy Spirit less my thinking and I write my thoughts in the note section. These I copy to the clipboard and post on my Facebook page. They have been a blessing to many. Thank you Olive Tree for making this possible for me. I am shut in at home, and now I have a ministry because of you people. Thank you.”


“My wife and I moved across country in 2011 to attend a Bible college. In the first term I got an iPad. While investigating Bible apps a friend recommended Olive Tree. Turns out I had opened an account with OliveTree and purchased some Bibles several years earlier to use on the Palm TREO I had then. Even though I hadn’t logged into my account or used the app in years, when I did log in all my previous purchases were there waiting to download to my iPad.

[…] Now my wife and I live in Scotland as missionaries and next month will open a new campus here of the school we graduated from. I am in my Olive Tree apps multiple times every day. As my primary study tool, Olive Tree has been a huge part of my spiritual journey over the past several years. The apps have made it possible for me to do more Bible study, more efficiently, and receive more powerful revelation of scripture, than I believe I would have with a paper Bibles or any other app I know about. I’m looking forward to many, many, more years studying, learning, and growing using your apps!”

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  1. I have had Olive Tree on my iPad and iPhone for about 8 years 0r more. It is ease to use and I recommend this to my family and friends. I use it when I am studying along side of my Bible, it keeps me from having to turn from one place to another in the Bible as I study. It is one of the primary tools of my study.
    This also is a good tool to have with you in case you want to witness to someone and show them the Scripture.

  2. Christoffer Hedlund Reply

    I’ve used Olive Tree since I came in trust of Jesus Christ as my savior. The app is so easy to use and easy to copy verses and chapters to enrich someone else’s life. I’ve heard from people when I am walking at nights that I am the reason why they have started to read the Bible through Olive Tree. So a big thanks are in order! God Bless!

  3. Harry McVay Reply

    Recently at our church’s connect group class on smart phone we discussed different Bible APs used. several were suggested & i suggested Olive Tree. Sunday ‘Good News’ class teachers use their favorite AP to printout handouts. When I teach said class I use Olive Tree & even turn the computer screen towards the class so they can see the ease of use.. However willing to try new sources i try to download a $1.99 Bible AP recommended by the Pastor’s wife/teacher of the smart phone class, but transaction would not complete. Some what frustrated( i thought a WyFy signal problem) so to trouble shoot i open up my free AP – Olive Tree. And there it was faithfully filling the computerscreen to be seen by my adjacent classmates

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