“Spurgeon had a phenomenal grasp of theology, and his reading had afforded him a breadth of insight matched by few, but when it came to opening up the Scriptures, he was a master of clarity and simplicity. He warned his students about going down among miners with technical theological terms and high-sounding phraseology. To do so, he said, was to act like an idiot.” – Alistair Begg


There’s no hiding it—we love the Spurgeon Study Bible (CSB) (and the KJV version!).

Why are we so excited about this study Bible? What makes it worth the read, different than the rest, and helpful in your study of God’s Word? Here’s three reasons.


If you don’t know much about Charles Spurgeon, you’re missing out. For nearly two centuries his nickname has been “The Prince of Preachers,” and for good reason.

CH Spurgeon

Spurgeon was born in Kelvedon, Essex, England in 1834. Growing up, he was influenced by both his father and grandfather who were nonconformist ministers. He loved to read Pilgrim’s Progress and learn about theology, although he never attended seminary. Spurgeon was one of a kind—insistent on the Bible’s power, continuously doing ministry, and an incredibly humble man. In his lifetime, he wrote over 135 books, founded an orphanage, and pastored a church that could hold 5,600 people. Without a doubt, Spurgeon was the most popular preacher in England.

Like the quote states at the beginning of this blog, Spurgeon’s fame didn’t encourage him to flaunt his wisdom. Instead, he always made sure to speak humbly and clearly. With this study Bible, you’ll get to soak up all of Spurgeon’s wisdom—with ease.

If you’re interested in learning more about Charles Spurgeon, Alistair Begg wrote a short biography for the introduction to the Spurgeon Study Bible. That’s where we found some of the details shared above.



Nestled inside Spurgeon’s commentary are thought-provoking quotes. This way, you get some of his most famous sayings, even if they aren’t directly related to a section of Scripture. (Click on the images below to enlarge them!)

Spurgeon Study Bible quote


Along with quotes, you’ll also find full illustrations that Spurgeon used while preaching. This is yet another way that Spurgeon will get you to think more deeply about Scripture and your relationship with God.

Spurgeon Study Bible Illustration


There are twenty of Charles Spurgeon’s earliest sermon manuscripts from The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon: His Earliest Outlines and Sermons Between 1851 and 1854. Also, you’ll find hand-written notes by Spurgeon!

Spurgeon Study Bible lost sermons


Now, this is only true with our digital version of this study Bible. There are paper versions out there, and in order to use them, you have to open multiple books if you want to see any other study Bible notes or translations.

But, when we sell study Bibles, we only sell the notes because they can be opened alongside ANY translation that you have in our app. So, if you’re doing a little reading while you wait at the bus stop or the doctor’s office, and Spurgeon had something to say about the passage you’re reading… the Resource Guide will show it to you. Just tap, and then you’re immediately reading the notes—without wifi.

You can take the wise words of the Prince of Preachers with you anywhere and read them at any time.


Excited to learn from Charles Spurgeon and the Spurgeon Study Bible? You can read more about the resource by visiting our website.

See this video by the publisher of the Spurgeon Study Bible to learn more:

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  1. Mark S. Gomes

    Very powerful Man of God who inspired countless people with revelations from the Word of God.

  2. I purchased the Olive Tree Spurgeon Study Bible Notes. I must say I’m not overly impressed. I own Spurgeon’s Bible Commentary for Kindle and was expecting something along the lines of this type of verse by verse commentary. Who wrote the commentary included in these Bible notes? They are nothing like the verse commentary that I have seen in any of Spurgeon’s Bible Commentary Books. Are they just from Spurgeon’s Sermons? If so there needs to be a reference note as to which sermon they are taken from. Or are they notes written by Alistair Begg? Nothing I’ve read sounds much like Spurgeon. I’m disappointed. This was not what I was expecting.

    • Cierra Klatt

      Hey, Robert. I’m sorry that this product wasn’t what you were expecting. Could you email support@olivetree.com? They will help get this sorted out. Thank you!

  3. Hi,Thanks I want a Spurgeon study bible for my laptop

  4. Spurgeon is the one preacher I can listen to anytime 24/7. Sometimes away from home deep into the night I would listen to a sermon on my cellphone. The truth sets you free. I fall asleep with his words in my ears. Praise God for raising up this person for His glory.