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Paraphrased Bible Translations

Paraphrased translations use modern lanugage and idoms to try to capture the thought and essence behind the original text. Compare Psalm 27:4 in many Bible translations.
Bible version Description
Easy-to-Read Version - ERV It is perfect for outreach, correctional ministries, and those who want a text which is easy to understand.
God's Word An update to An American Translation (AAT), God's Word to the Nations (a form equivalence translation of sorts).
Good News Bible - GNB, Today's English Version - TEV A new translation, (1976), which seeks to state clearly and accurately the meaning of the original texts in words and forms that are widely accepted by people who use English as a language. It attempts to set forth the Biblical content and message in a standard, everyday, natural form of English.
The Living Bible - TLB The Living Bible is Kenneth Taylor's interpretive paraphrase of the Bible. Taylor created this paraphrase as a help for those who wanted to read the Bible to children without having to stop and explain many things. In a 1979 interview published in Christianity Today he explained that the version began in the context of his efforts to explain the biblical text to his own children during family devotions.
The Message This translation is a unique Bible-reading experience, a paraphrase by author Eugene Peterson of the traditional Bible text. With no formal language, The Message® reads like a letter from an old friend. Because it's easier to understand, it is easier to make the connection between what you're reading and what it means for your everyday life. The Message® is not meant to replace your current version of choice. Rather, it is designed as a reading Bible that can give you a fresh perspective on a familiar phrase or passage.