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Resources by Mark Tobey

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Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms

by Charles Dyer, Jeremiah David and Mark Tobey

From the bestselling authors of The Rise of Babylon and The ISIS Crisis, the essential guide for Christians about what Bible prophecy foretells concerning current events in the Middle East—especially the rise of ISIS and the resurgence of Russia—while providing a way to find peace and hope in the face of end times concerns.ISIS, Russia, and Iran … Read more…

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The ISIS Crisis: What You Really Need to Know

The ISIS Crisis: What You Really Need to Know

by Charles H. Dyer and Mark Tobey

With ISIS on the rise, what do we need to know?ISIS—a name that inspires fear, a group that is gaining momentum. Horrors unheard of are plaguing the Middle East, and ISIS may be responsible for the worst among them. And yet there is so much we don’t know about ISIS:Where did ISIS come from?How is ISIS distinguished from other terrorist groups… Read more…