When we released the audio update, it was important that we taught you the basics first. But now, a bit of time has passed, and we have a few tips on how to make the most of the new features. Here are 8 tips and tricks for audio in the Olive Tree Bible App.


The audio update wasn’t just an audio update. We changed up a few things in the library! The largest improvement is the book covers. By turning on Grid View from the menu in the top-right, you can see all your resources in a more visually-appealing way, as seen below.

We love this layout because it communicates the value behind the products you have in your library. They may not go on a bookshelf, but you’ve still built a collection worth admiring!


We were able to add over 1,300 new audio products in preparation of this release. It’s very exciting, but also very challenging to decide how to organize that many titles.

Here’s a tip on how to find audio books that are up your alley. Instead of click on the audio tab, still go to the genre you’re interested in. Then select the box “only audio.”

You might be surprised by the kinds of audio books that are out there! Some aren’t even books, but lectures and interviews with authors. We wrote a different blog that shows you some of the genres of audio books we offer. Check it out if you’re interested in learning more!


Once you get your audio Bible or book playing in the app, you don’t have to stay there. In fact, we encourage you to let the audio play in the background while you take notes, read commentary, check out cross-references, and even respond to a text or two if you need. It’s all possible.


When you see Drive Mode and the Connect button at the bottom, it can be hard to think outside the box. Obviously, connect is for connecting to your bluetooth car speaker, right?

Actually, the possibilities are endless. You can discover new ways and times to get God’s Word into your day. Connect your device with your Apple TV, the wireless speaker you usually use to listen to music while you get ready in the morning, or anything else you can think of.


First, you can take inventory of how much space our app is taking on your phone… by resource. Now, you can see exactly how large a resource is and easily choose to offload it. All you need to do is open the library and tap the menu in the top-right. Next, choose “Manage Storage.” Then tap on “Offload Resources.” Now you can tap on any resource, followed by “Offload Book” to remove it from your device.

If you made any notes or highlights in the resource, those won’t be removed. They will be saved for you, and the next time you re-download the resource, you can access them again.

When you want to download a resource, you typically tap the green arrow next to it in the library, right? Well now, audio Bibles have a blue arrow. Instead of initiating a download, you are taken to another menu where you can choose which books of the Bible you’d like to download. This is because audio Bibles are rather large files. We didn’t want you accidentally downloading something that would take up lots of precious space on your device.


If you’re listening to a resource, tap the menu in the top-right of the audio player. This is where you can access the sleep timer.

You can choose to have your audio automatically turn off after 8, 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes—or, just choose to have it end at the end of a chapter. To me, the most obvious time to use the sleep timer is if you are listening right before bed. That’s probably just because the word “sleep” is in there… but don’t be fooled! This is about the audio going to sleep, not you!

So, here are a few unique ideas for how you could use the sleep timer:

  • Make a goal of listening for exactly 15 or 30 minutes each day. You won’t have to watch the clock when you use the sleep timer. Simply focus on listening and we’ll let you know when you’re done.
  • Do you have a time-goal for running? Put in your headphones and pick how long you want the audio and you to run.
  • Just put your kids in time-out? Use a timer that also instills some godly patience in you. [I’m joking… kinda]

Can you think of any other ideas? Let us know in the comments.


Or slower, if that’s how you like your audio. Either way, tap speed at the bottom of the audio player to get the narrator talking at the rate you want. This is definitely helpful if you only have so much time and your audio book or Bible is a little slow-going.


One last change in the library is the ability to toggle between books only, audio only, and books & audio. Just tap at the top of the library to get started.


Ready to start listening to God’s Word? Visit our website to see all the new audio Bibles we’ve made available.

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  1. I keep thinking of things to enhance the audio Bibles for daily reading plans. One would be to expand the “end of chapter” sleep timer to allow listeners to customize the number of chapters to be heard (e.g., one chapter, two chapters, five chapters, etc.).

    • Good idea Neal Cook. I also wish it wasn’t so hard to figure out who the voices are reading the Bible for the audio. I enjoy all of them except for… Jesus… he sounds like a sissy… yuck. But the voice of God is awesome. All the others are good. It really is a good audio and so good to let someone else do the reading out loud.

  2. John Lehman Reply

    I think it would be great if we could listen to our favorite daily Bible readings (mine are the Prof Horner Bible Reading plan, and the M’cheyne plan); in that same thought it would be awesome if I could read (or have them read to me) when I am offline.

  3. Justin Slemp Reply

    It’s great, I’ve transferred some of my audible books over. However, the driving feature needs to keep the screen on. Having to mess with the phone every time you want to pause defeats the purpose of the feature. I’m asking a lot, but I’d love to see the shopping cart link be eliminated from the main screen and an audio Bible/books icon replace it so I don’t have to go through the main library to access it. Thanks for all that you’re doing!!

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