During a meeting a few months ago, the head of our development team showed us a chart. But this was not a normal chart. A gamut of colors, lines, and words, mostly indiscernible to non-developers, filled the screen like a jumbled mess of colorful spaghetti. This, we were told, is our new goal. After many pots of coffee, inspirational meetings, and finally putting a legend on the chart, a brand-new feature emerged from this tangled web: Olive Tree Audio Bibles & Books.

After months of hard work, we have finally released this new feature in our app. 

Olive tree audio bible app phone

But, like most things we do, we want to go above and beyond expectations. We don’t want people to use our app to only read the Bible. We want people to study the Bible. So, why would our audio experience only consist of listening to the Bible? That would be too easy.

Here are 10 ways the Olive Tree audio feature will raise the bar.

Rather watch a video? Scroll to the bottom.

Olive Tree Audio book selection


If you’ve tried to listen to the Bible in an app not built by Christians, for Christians, then you know the pain of always starting audio at the beginning of a chapter (or worse, the beginning of a book!). What if you want to start at verse 43?

Enter Olive Tree’s verse-level navigation for audio Bibles. With the same familiarity of choosing where you want to start reading the Bible, you can choose where to start listening.

audio bible read along


Want to read as you listen? No problem. We’ll have the verse display on your device while the audio is running so you can read along—so long as you have the same Bible translation in your library.

olive tree audio bible speed control


You get to be in charge of how fast or slow the audio plays. Speed controls can get those slow-talking narrators to pick up the pace.

audio bible library selection


We have been working hard to get some of the best audio Bibles and books out there. Our store currently has over 25,000 different digital books and resources (as of 2021), and we are equally dedicated to providing as much quality, audio content as possible.

Here are some of our favorites:

Stream and download audio books bible


Most audio apps offer either streaming or downloading. A survey of our users taught us that having both options is the crowd favorite. So, we decided to give the people what they want.

We’ll even let you download individual books of the Bible to conserve space. We wouldn’t want you deleting all those cute pictures of your dog from your phone.

favorite audio books olive tree app


Want to remember your favorite parts without scrolling through audio? Easy. Create a bookmark or short clip of the audio for safekeeping.

audio bible controls


You’re free to stop listening and later continue where you left off. You shouldn’t have to start over just because you began listening on your iPhone in the car and can’t start again until tomorrow.

listen safely in the car audio bible


Want to listen while you drive? We’ve included a driving mode that provides you with an easy-to-tap design. Being in God’s Word is important, but we would hate for you to be distracted behind the wheel.

Listen while studying audio bible app


If you’re a multi-tasker, you’ll love this feature. Using audio in our app won’t prevent you from accessing all your other resources. Instead, continue opening maps, comparing translations, reading commentaries, and taking notes.


Lastly, this feature is added to our already popular, free app: the Olive Tree Bible App. There won’t be a separate app for audio. We want to keep everything easy to access, all in one place.


See all the new audio Bibles and books available on our store!

Olive Tree Bible App Android


  1. Joseph Veseli

    This is a feature I have been waiting for! This sets your app, which was already ahead of the game, way beyond all the other apps out there!

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    • Daniel Forton

      How do I underline words or verses? I selected underline option in the highlighter option but it doesn’t underline anything . Is there something else I need to do after I select “ underline “?

      • Cierra Loux

        Hi, Daniel! After creating a highlight that uses underlining, select text or tap the verse reference. Then select your custom highlight. That should then underline the text.

    • I purchased this NIV Audio bible last 2 years but after 1 year my audio bible start jumping and now a days i cannot enjoy my audio bible i cant listen properly bcos its jumping every minute can anyone from developer to fix this huge problem for everybody. Even for my wife niv audio bible is jumping also..this is very bad right now.

      Please some fix this

      • Monty Galloway


        I’m sorry for the problem that are you encountering. Have you emailed our support team about this issue? If not, please email us at support@olivetree.com.

  2. Kojo Brompong Mensah from Ghana

    This is really really impressive. Some of features I have always thought of. God bless you for all the commitment and hard work. Permit me to pre-maturely ask how you are funded.

  3. I love the sound of this but because I live in the uk I can’t even download the app to my new phone. This means I can no longer access all those books and bibles I paid for.
    Please tell me when I will be able to download the app to my new iPhone?

    • Cierra Loux

      Really sorry, Kevin. We are waiting to hear from our legal department on GDPR implementation. Once they are able to give us next steps, we will immediately put their requirements in place so that we can get the apps back up on the EU app stores. Again, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

      • I was recommending Olive Tree to a friend last week, he said it wasn’t available in Europe for GDPR reasons, I couldn’t believe that but a google search brought me here. When will the Olive Tree app be back on the UK/EU app stores?

        • Cierra Loux

          Hey, Martin! We still don’t have an ETA. But please know that we are doing everything we can.

          • Is there an update on the GDPR situation please (re: access to the app from Europe and the Uk)?

            Like others have mentioned, I am also unable to access books I’ve purchased through the app over the years.

            What happens if the app never returns to the UK? Will users be compensated for their purchases they can no longer access?

            Is there an official thread/web page for tracking this issue? It’s a bit odd that there is not even an ETC on the GDPR review/implementation.

  4. Looks like it is not free. You have to buy the audio bibles. So why not just buy the audio Bibles? What advantage I using the Olive tree app?

    • Split screen;. Then you can compare or refer to your commentaries. You can’t do that in other apps!

      Plus we should support OT, they have given me a tool that saves me from the need to carry a backpack when attending Bible study. Put your money where your heart is.

  5. Mark Ritchie

    Becky, did you read the list of 10 things? Most of those you can’t do with a regular audio bible that’s just sound files.

    I have plenty of audio Bibles that I’ve already paid for, so I’m unsure whether I’ll use audio in Olive Tree, but well done!

  6. Neal Cook

    This is a GREAT addition! I particularly like the ability to begin listening at any chapter or verse I choose.

    I do have a question. Do you plan to integrate the audio Bibles with the Bible reading plans? I do my reading plan by listening to the daily readings while driving to work. It would be great to be able to select a day’s reading assignment and automatically begin listening to that day’s reading.

    • Cierra Loux

      That’s a neat idea! Currently, our process for setting up reading plans needs some work. It’s one of our projects now that audio is done 🙂 We’ll hold onto your idea!

    • David Trotz

      This is actually quite high on our list of things to do. Stay tuned!

      • David, great to hear! That’s the main feature I was hoping for when I heard about the audio. The other that I like is that you can navigate straight to a particular verse/chapter. Other audio bibles I have are more difficult to navigate.

        • Couldn’t stand this app many years ago. Coming back to it now, I am beyond impressed with the ease of usability and various product offerings within the Olive Tree ecosystem.

          Question, does the ESV study Bible that cost over $30 integrate with the various Bible reading plans? Various Bible apps with audio readings already coincide with daily readings and/or reading plans are usually just offered free as a basic feature.

          • Cierra Loux

            Hey, Brett! When you’re reading through a plan, you’re doing so in the main window. You can still access all your study Bibles, dictionaries, etc. in the Study Center while reading. Our reading plans are free.

  7. Audio sounds great but I live in the Uk and like Kevin I can no longer down load the app or the books that I’ve paid for over the last couple of years. Any idea how long I will have to wait for GDPR (whatever that is) so that I can take advantage of this great idea?

  8. I’m thrilled and yet so disappointed at the same time.. Now allow me to elaborate? I quite literally JUST (like, last week) bought the NKJV Word of Promise audio Bible through Audible. And it’s kind of a letdown that there are no markers between books, chapters, and verses. I SOOOO wish that I could carry it over to Olive Tree. I just can’t justify spending that amount of money to have it both places. If I had only known….

    • Martin Barnard

      You know you can easily return the book to Audible, right? Audible has a great no hassle return policy. I would make use of it.

    • John Murphy

      I’ve returned more than one book on audible. It’s quite easy. I’d return it.

  9. This is exciting – except for the cost of the titles!

    A quick browse shows there seems to be no NLT version – is this correct? Probably the only audio Bible I would be willing to spend so much on.

    I have also noticed that the NLT Study Bible is still a very old version of the NLT text in Olivetree.
    Any comments as to whether either of this will change going forward?

    And any comment on how will this affect performance on older devices (especially iPods etc) which at times crash when you have a few books installed before we add audio capability…

    Thank you!

    • I was thinking the same thing – exciting, yet costly! So I checked my other Bible app that I usually listen to scripture in, and yep, it’s all free (including the NLT). The only place OT really would win out is in the ability to start at any verse, only chapters in the YouVersion app. So, for now I’ll listen to audio in YouVersion and do my reading plan in OliveTree. Btw, audio bibles have been available for free in YouVersion for years – glad OT joined in.

    • Cierra Loux

      Hey, Adam. At this time, we don’t have an NLT version. We are just starting out, so perhaps with time, we will be able to acquire this. As for the NLT text with the study Bible—this is a publisher’s decision. I can ask our publisher relations team about this a little more, though. And lastly, about older devices—if they do not run iOS 10 or higher, they will not be able to install this update. If you’re on a device that we still support, and you experience lots of crashing, always feel free to contact our support team so that they can look into solving the problem. You’ll just need to email support@olivetree.com

    • Adam, keep in mind the cost is there to fund ongoing support of the app. Without an on-going subscription cost, that’s how they can pay to keep making improvements to the app. And the features here do really make it more user friendly than the less expensive Audible audio Bible I’ve purchased in the past. We all just have to decide if we can/should afford to buy the titles.

  10. Sorry on further question:
    When listening to audio, can you navigate to other apps and have the audio continue?

    And will the audio part of the app support Siri?
    When witnessing it will be very handy to be able to say “Hey Siri open the Bible at Revelations 21 verse 9” or going to bed and “play Psalm 91”

    • Martin Barnard

      The audio does continue to play if you leave the app. I’m unsure about whether/when Siri support will be added. My hope is “soon”. Lol.

    • Cierra Loux

      As Martin said: yes, audio will continue, even if you lock your screen.

      No, we do not support Siri Shortcuts at this time, but it is something we would like to experiment with at some point.

  11. earl sawyer

    Thank you so much for making it downloadable, that’s the difference between me being able to actually listen to it or not listen to me. I thank God for the service that you’ll provide.

  12. How much space would the whole audio Bible use?
    Any chance of the CEV in audio? How about NIV without music?

    • Cierra Loux

      For an example, the TNIV Inspired By… The Bible Experience, Audio Download is roughly 5.5 GB for the entire Bible. However, we make it possible to download and easily archive individual books of the Bible. You also can stream instead of downloading.

      We do not have the CEV. As for the NIV without music… we have the New International Reader’s Version that in plain voice https://www.olivetree.com/store/product.php?productid=45276 that is the closest we have. The NIV Listener’s Audio Bible has very subtle music.

  13. This is just great! All in one app – exactly what I’ve been waiting for.
    I have a question about the narrators. I have low frequency hearing loss, and I struggle to hear male voices. Do you have any translation with a female narrator? There may be other users who prefer to hear a female voice reading?

    • Cierra Loux

      Sadly, it looks like the only female voices are in the audio Bibles that contain a full cast. Hopefully, as time goes on, we will acquire more and more audio Bibles.

  14. David Bentley

    Will you be able to listen to the books already downloaded

    • Cierra Loux

      Audio books are a separate product from our other digital products. So, say you have the NIV Bible on your device. You won’t automatically have an NIV Audio Bible. This is because the audio Bible was produced and distributed by a different group of people. Did that answer your question?

  15. How big is the file if I were to download the entire NIV audio bible? Thank you.

    • Cierra Loux

      We have several NIV audio bibles. You’ll need to pick out which one first. 🙂

      • NIV Listener’s Audio Bible, Narrated by Max McLean

  16. Gary Powell

    Looks great! Listening while driving would be my primary method for this and the ability to download is amazing so I don’t have to stream and rack up data charges. Nice!

    I’m wondering if you plan on creating a CarPlay version in future updates in order to control the audio? Especially now that iOS 12 supports third party apps for CarPlay?

    I like the idea behind the “driving” feature but in our area (I’m near Vancouver, BC, Canada) if we even touch our phones while driving we’re subject to tickets and fines…

  17. I want to listen to the bible using a reading plan.

    Can I repeatedly listen to John chapters 1-3?

  18. Though I have Youversion, I use Olive Tree as it gives all the hyperlinks, unlike Youversion. I bought several commentaries as well. However, I think Youversion is still a better option for Audio Bible as it has been providing Audio Bibles for free.

    • I felt the same way. But I’m determined to support OT! That cost $$$ but the app has blessed me beyond any other Christian tool I’ve ever used. This includes my paper versions, the ability to carry my entire library with me, bounce from translation to translation effortlessly. Smooth and stable (if you don’t count the MACOS version) on my iPad. Well just to bottom line this, put your money where your heart is. The Olive Tree App needs our support.

  19. Dave Chaput

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’ve been going crazy trying to use audio bibles from other sources. Without the guide it was impossible to use. I had to have a piece of paper and reference it to find what I was looking for. I was almost going to give up, but did a Google search and you all came up.

  20. Kenneth Reed

    I have a question.
    If I buy an audiobook Bible. Will it work with the reading plans in the Olive Tree app.?

    • Cierra Loux

      Hey, Kenneth! Great question! Currently, audio Bibles don’t work with reading plans in the app. However, we do hope to add that feature in the future!

  21. Nathan Moore

    Is it possible for OT to support text-to-speech (TTS) for text?

  22. David Chinn

    I like the idea of the audio, but the audio bibles are just too costly. I can stream the audio from YouVersion for free. It would be nice if the same held true with OT. That said, OT is my primary Bible as I love the Stong’s integration and I love the fact that I can sync my notes across all of my devices. I do use YouVersion from time to time for translations that may not be available on OT or for things such as audio.

  23. Kimberly Sasala

    So if I purchase an audiobible from your website I will automatically have these features listed above? I like to listen while I’m running in the morning but then at times I like to read instead of listen and and sometimes I’d like to be able to read along while listening. And then if it could remember where I left off the next day, it would solve so many frustrating moments for me. So far the other Bible apps just aren’t user friendly for me.

    • Cierra Loux

      Yep! These features come with our audio Bibles. The text will appear at the audio Bible plays as long as you have the same translation in ebook form in the app. Most of those translations are free. But some, like the NRSV, require a small in-app purchase.

  24. Don Downs

    Love audio options for Bibles. I assume that only Bibles are on the docket for creating audio versions, right? I would like to be able to listen to some of my commentaries and Bible study tools on audio. Is there any way to do that? Or is that coming?

    • Cierra Loux

      Hey, Don! We actually don’t produce the audio (or any of our resources). We partner with publishers to make them available in the app. So, the only way you’ll find audio versions of your commentaries and Bible study tools is if the publisher has created it.

  25. Really sorry for my unreasonable question… but is there any chance Olive Tree Audio allows me to import a separately downloaded audio bible (audio files) to use on the OT player? 🙂

    • Cierra Loux

      Hello, Mikhail! No reason to apologize—I’m glad to answer your question. Sadly, you can’t import audio that was not acquired through Olive Tree. Sorry about that!

  26. John Watt

    Is it possible to listen to OT text
    with TTS in iPhone or with any other iPhone app?

    • Cierra Loux

      Hello, John! Sadly, we are not able to allow TTS for text resources in the app, as it creates an audiobook or audio Bible when that happens, and we are only licensed to sell the text. We do have separate audio Bibles and books we are licensed to sell though that you can find in our store. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

  27. Frank Kwame Gour

    Hi Cierra Loux can’t you play the audio bible especially the android one with VLC or any other music player as my app crashes alot

    • Cierra Loux

      Hey, Frank! I’m not sure what you mean by “VLC or any other music player” since the audio Bible should be played through our app. But if you’re experiencing crashing, our team would love to know about it. Please email support@olivetree.com with a description of the issue and any helpful screenshots. They will be able to get that figured out for you!

  28. Is it possible to repeat the chapter or verses when using audio?

    Thank you

  29. I bought the NKJV Voice Only Audio Bible by Simon Bubb. Everything works as you state, but the first chapter of every book is out of sync with the audio. How do I fix this?

    • Cierra Loux

      Hi, Kevin! So sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue with your audio Bible. If you could, please email support@olivetree.com and let them know the problem. They will be able to communicate with the right people to get it fixed! Thank you.

  30. Gonna get this. I had it first with audible, but there is no chapter and verses there. Glad Olive Tree made this possible to see the text, chapter and verses, and the you can stream this its great. Very good bible with uses of 500 voices. Its deserves to get treated in the best maner you at Olive Tree have done it, made it possible for us to get right into chapter and verses.

    A request. I know amplified bible are out with audio to, great voices. It would been great if you did the same thing with that audio bible.

  31. Doug Black

    Does your app for iphone, require being on WI FI or does it require data when out of range. Want to use for walking etc
    Thank you

    • Monty Galloway

      Hi Doug,

      Once you have the app and your books downloaded, you do not need WIFI to use our apps. You will have full functionality and access without being connected to the internet.

  32. Hello this feature looks awesome. Saw a couple of comments asking if you can repeat a chapter. I’m curious of the same. Can you repeat a chapter?

    • Monty Galloway

      We do not currently have this feature, but I will pass along your suggestion to our development team. In the meantime, you can tap the back button to restart the chapter. If you have any questions about this, please email us at support@olivetre.com.