Wondering how devotionals and reading plans work in the app? Trust us — it’s easy… even easier than using paper versions. Watch this video to learn more or read through the information before.



When looking at enhanced devotionals on olivetree.com, you will quickly see what sets them apart from simple reading plans that walk through the Bible. These are well-crafted, thought-out books that you might think to buy at a bookstore. They all contain great content meant to encourage and inspire you. Some pick a certain passage of Scripture to talk about each day. Meanwhile, others may be topical.

On our website, you will see familiar names like Ann Voskamp, Sarah Young, Franklin Graham, and Brian Simmons. You could start on a year-long devotional plan or work through a 40-day plan with your family.


This is where our addition of reading plans really improved the way certain devotionals work inside our app. Any devotional that is enhanced (see a full list here) can be read and tracked as a reading plan. All you have to do is head on over to the reading plan tab and start reading.

These will appear under “My Devotionals.”

Look at your assignments in advance.

Receive reminders and customize your plan in the settings. Then read until you reach the “Competed Reading” button. Tap it to finish!

3) Set Goals & Reminders

Did you know you can schedule custom goals and notifications for your reading plans? Our app won’t forget to hold you accountable. So set up those goals and notifications. You’ll be well on your way to study through the summer.


Head on over to our olivetree.com to see all of them!


  1. Randall Scharf Reply

    How does one create a reading plan & add it to the iPhone app for downloading ?? Also I have been using Bible Challenge reading plan & found duplicate reads (eg. day 1 vs day 197 both include Ps 119!). How can you check if the whole bible reading plan includes all verses & no duplicates?

  2. Kerry White Reply

    I agree with Randall. How can I create a reading plan? If I go to the New Testament section, not all the books are there. I’d like to create the missing books at the very least for myself.

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Hey, Kerry! We don’t have a way for users to create their own reading plans at this time. If you are unhappy with a specific reading plan, find errors, or would like to make a suggestion, please email support@olivetree.com. That will help us communicate your requests to the correct department. Thank you!

  3. Hi Cierra. I see your reply stating that there is not yet a way for users to create their own reading plans. It appears that this is a desire of some users…I know I certainly would want the facility. Could this be scheduled as a possible addition to the already awesome app…and when would we expect it to be implemented? Thank you. Kind regards, Allan

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Hi, Allen! We hear you! We keep track of requests for new features and refer to it as we strategize. There’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes here. So, although I can’t give you as estimate on either if or when this feature will be implemented, please know we’re taking it into consideration. Thank you!

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