You have the NIV, and you read it faithfully. But what’s the next step in your Bible study? Here are three ways you can study the NIV better.


A study Bible is an easy to use and very powerful tool in guiding you in your understanding of the text. Many study Bibles contain resources such as maps, timelines, profiles on biblical characters, commentaries, and helpful articles. The NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised Edition is an extremely handy all-in-one source.

A neat feature of the Olive Tree Bible app is that it’s possible to just get the notes from your favorite study Bible. Popular NIV Study Bible Notes include the NIV Leadership Bible Notes. However, there are also several other study Bible notes to choose from.  Some other favorites are Fire Bible Study NotesCouples’ Devotional Bible NotesMen’s Devotional Bible Notes and NIV True Identity Notes: The Bible for Women.

We are sure you can find one that will help deepen your spiritual walk.

Because we make study Bibles work uniquely with our app, they will work with any version of the Bible that is open in the main window.

Is a study Bible right for you? Find out here.

John study bible notes


After you’ve studied the Bible for yourself, it is often helpful to read trusted Bible scholars to see how they explain the text you are reading.

Bible Commentaries can be an extremely valuable study tool. The NIV Application Commentaries merge the original, ancient context with right now. It shows us both how ancient readers would have read the Bible and how we can connect to this living word of God from a modern context.

Most importantly, however, it helps us begin the life-changing process of true application, showing how God’s word can continue to have a powerful voice in our lives today.

niv application commentary nivac


Olive Tree has hand-picked collections of resources to help you dig deeper into God’s word. These Study Packs give you curated study tools so you can focus on growing in your faith and applying the Word to your life. They include everything you need to understand the rich meaning behind Scripture including exclusive training and Bible studies.

The NIV Study Pack includes these tools:

  1. NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised Edition
  2. NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible
  3. Quest Study Bible
  4. NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible
  5. Zondervan Bible Commentary
  6. Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  7. Olive Tree Bible Maps
  8. Zondervan Atlas of the Bible
  9. Olive Tree Cross References: Expanded Set
  10. Olive Tree NIV Concordance with NIV Bible

Bible Study Packs are available in NIV, NLT, ESV, and NKJV. On the fence? Go here to learn more!


These tools will grow your Bible study experience and help you go deeper in the Word of God. Pick one to get started today!

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  1. Is it possible to upgrade existing bundles without having to repurchase existing books? I’ve got the Basic Study Tools collection and the Student’s Collection, as well as a number of study bibles, dictionaries and maps that I’ve purchased separately.

    • Hi Justin,

      Unfortunately, the Bible Study Bundles do not qualify for additional coupons or discounts.