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Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 Vols.)

Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 Vols.)

by Roy B. Zuck and John Walvoord

The Bible Knowledge Commentary on Old and New Testaments - popular in style and scholarly in content - will deepen your understanding of God's written Word. Discussing the Bible verse by verse and often phrase by phrase. This commentary will help any student of the Bible answer the following questions about the Scriptures: What does that verse me… Read more…

A Biblical Theology of the New Testament

A Biblical Theology of the New Testament

by Darrell L. Bock and Roy B. Zuck

This resource provides fresh insight and renewed understanding to theological studies. A Biblical Theology of the New Testament is a compilation by scholars from the Dallas Theological Seminary, and each scholar considers divine revelation as it appears in the books of the New Testament. Their exposition of the New Testament canon allows us to see the divi… Read more…

An Open Letter to a Jehovah

An Open Letter to a Jehovah's Witness

by Roy B. Zuck

Understanding what Jehovah's Witnesses teach and believe is crucial to counteract their aggressive evangelism campaigns. Roy Zuck offers this letter in the absence of direct, compassionate literature to hand to them to explain Scriptural truth and the difference between their faith and Christianity. In booklet form, it is compassionate while clearly expl… Read more…