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Resources by Lisa Whittle

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Behind Those Eyes

Behind Those Eyes

by Lisa Whittle

Meet the cast. Ms. Perfection, Ms. Confidence, Ms. Happiness, Ms. Spirituality. Do you know them? Maybe, if you're honest with yourself, you may recognize you are one of them. Let's admit it: the stories behind our eyes often go untold. We tend to cover our insecurities and heartaches with engaging smiles, fashionable clothes, and manufactured conver… Read more…

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by George Barna and Lisa Whittle

How to get past whatever’s holding you back—and start living a whole new storyWe all have holes in our lives—those things we lament about ourselves. Those things we allow to define us in ways we don’t like. Those things that keep us from living the life God wants for us.But what if you discovered that the holes in your life are really the things that… Read more…