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Resources by Malcolm B YarnellIII

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Christian Homemaker's Handbook

Christian Homemaker's Handbook

by Pat Ennis, Dorothy Kelley Patterson, Rhonda Harrington Kelley, Susie Hawkins, Terri Stovall, Malcolm Yarnell, Karen Yarnell, Mary K. Mohler, Georg Andersen, Ann Iorg, Glynnis Whitwer, Candi Finch, Joy Souther Cullen, Glenda Eitel, Gl Hotton, Malcolm B YarnellIII and Hot

This one-stop reference tool gives you tips and training on everything from meal planning to interior decorating, biblical womanhood to budgeting, so that you can become a holistic homemaker! It features practical teaching from Scripture, instructions for do-it-yourself projects, application questions, helpful resources, a comprehensive i… Read more…