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Resources by Steve Pemberton

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by Steve Pemberton

A heart-rending but uplifting story of the human spirit’s ability to prevail. From the day he is five-years-old and dropped off at his foster home of the next eleven years, Stephen is mentally and physically tortured. No one in the system can help him. No one can tell him if he has a family. No one can tell him why, with obvious African-American featu… Read more…

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Chance in the World

Chance in the World

by Steve Pemberton and Stephen Pemberton

ôPembertonÆs beautifully told story is a rags to riches journeyùbeginning in a place and with a jarring set of experiences that could have destroyed his life. But SteveÆs refusal to give in to those forces, and his resolve to create a better life, shows a courage and resilience that is an example for many of us to follow.ö ùStedman Graham, Author, Educ… Read more…