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Resources by Paul J. Achtemeier

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Introducing the New Testament

Introducing the New Testament

by Joel B. Green, Marianne Meye Thompson and Paul J. Achtemeier

Introducing the New Testament is an outstanding guide to the writings of the New Testament for readers ranging from Bible students to those approaching the Christian Scriptures for the first time. Written by three leading Bible specialists, this book discusses in a clear and balanced way the New Testament's literature, its message, and the issues raised … Read more…

1 Peter  (Hermeneia)

1 Peter (Hermeneia)

by Paul J. Achtemeier

This commentary, the fruit of years of research, is a gold-mine for clergy and an indispensable resource for students and scholars. Achtemeier brings to this text his characteristic mastery of scholarship, theological insight and balanced judgment.… Read more…