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Resources by Dixon Kinser

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Jesus Prom Study Guide

Jesus Prom Study Guide

by Jon Weece and Dixon Kinser

Jesus loved verbs. He loved action words such as live, come, rest, learn, hear, give, go and even die. So wouldn’t it make sense that the people who claim to follow Jesus would love the same words that Jesus loved?Unfortunately, somewhere along the way someone tried to make the word “Christian” an adjective. So now people spe… Read more…

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Exploring Blue LIke Jazz Resource Guide

Exploring Blue LIke Jazz Resource Guide

by Donald Miller and Dixon Kinser

Growing up is harder than it used to be.Exploring Blue Like Jazz is a guide about how to do life and faith well in the phase after high school that some have termed “emerging adulthood.” It’s a book intended to make growing up a little easier.Using the topics, themes, and questions addressed in Blue Like Jazz: The Movie as a means of starti… Read more…