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Foundations of Evangelical Theology: The Cross and Salvation - FET

Foundations of Evangelical Theology: The Cross and Salvation - FET

by Bruce Demarest

With America's confidence in the Bible at an all-time low and the strength of her spiritual convictions waning, it is essential for Christians—especially Christian leaders—to be well-grounded in biblical theology. To have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the key doctrines of evangelicalism. In response, professor and awar… Read more…

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Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life

by Dallas Willard, Michael Glerup, Bill Hull, Keith Meyer, Bruce McNicol, Keith Matthews, Peggy Reynoso, Paula Fuller, Bruce Demarest, Richard Averbeck, Alan Andrews, Christopher Morton and Bill Thrall

For six years, spiritual formation leaders such as Dallas Willard, Bruce Demarest, and Bill Hull came together with other colleagues to create a collection of wisdom and honest personal revelation in the areas of discipleship and spiritual formation. The result is The Kingdom Life, a book that offers a fresh approach to the spiritual disciplines through a th… Read more…