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Resources by Ann Spangler

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Tender Words of God

Tender Words of God

by Ann Spangler, Connie Wetzell and Connie Wetzell

Over the years, Ann Spangler has read through the Bible several times, plowing straight through from Genesis to Revelation. But like many people who tend to be self-critical, Ann found it easier to absorb the harsher-sounding passages in the Bible than those that speak of God’s love and compassion. Then one day, Ann listened as her friend Joan talked about… Read more…

He's Been Faithful

He's Been Faithful

by Ann Spangler and Carol Cymbala

Carol Cymbala’s ministry in a tough inner-city neighborhood in New York can be summed up in one word: unlikely. She is the director and songwriter for a Grammy Award-winning choir—yet she doesn’t read music. She is the pastor’s wife in a 6,000-member congregation filled with people of color—and she is white. A shy girl who strug… Read more…

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