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John Wesley

John Wesley's Collected Sermons

by John Wesley

John Wesley's gift for preaching was the spark that ignited the Methodist movement in eighteenth-century England. In The Collected Sermons of John Wesley, his influential sermons are made available to modern readers in their original language. Readers can experience impassioned messages on topics such as The Nature of Enthusiasm—and how any true expe… Read more…

Sermons on Gospel Themes

Sermons on Gospel Themes

by Charles Finney

These sermons were preached by Pres. Finney at Oberlin during the years 1845-1861, and reported from his lips by myself. In taking these reports I aimed to give the heads of the sermons and all the important statements verbatim, to retain always the substance of thought, and especially to seize upon the illustrations and present their essential points. Tak… Read more…

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