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Following Jesus, the Servant King

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Following Jesus, the Servant King
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Following Jesus, the Servant King

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Following Jesus, the Servant King
Publisher: Zondervan Academic
Author: Jonathan Lunde


"This book presents a biblical theology of discipleship that gives the “big picture” of God’s relationship with humanity. It surveys God’s interaction with humankind from Eden, through the sequence of the biblical covenants, and on into the fulfillment that comes in Jesus. Throughout, the twin themes emerge—one of God’s demand of righteousness and another of his prior, enabling grace. Discipleship to Jesus stands in relation to its Old Testament precedents, preserving continuity in the grace/demand interplay. Jesus’ ministry to Israel is the fulfillment of the interactions between God and his people, assuming the roles of righteous King and gracious Servant. Faithful discipleship to Jesus the King, therefore, must always involve responding to his bracing call for righteousness, but doing so in the ongoing experience of the Servant’s prior, enabling grace. This book provides an understanding of Jesus that will facilitate ongoing experiences of transforming grace, which in turn will enable faithful discipleship. As such, it presents a view of Christian discipleship that is grounded in an informed Christology of Jesus, the Servant King."

ISBN: 9780310322689

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