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Zealous Love

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Zealous Love
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Zealous Love

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Title: Zealous Love
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Eugene Peterson, Danae Yankoski, Mike and Danae Yankoski, Jeremy Johnson, Emily/Jeremy Knapp/Johnson, Emily Knapp and Mike Yankoski
Narrated by Eugene Peterson, Jeremy Johnson, Emily/Jeremy Knapp/Johnson and Emily Knapp
Length: 8 hrs. 5 min.


Christians who are passionate about helping others—but aren’t sure where or how to focus their energy—will find much to love about Zealous Love. Authors Mike and Danae Yankoski have written just what Christians need to integrate compassion and justice into their lives.“Our hope,” they write, “is that God will work through this book … to help direct your life so that you can act on tangible concern for neighbors in need, both globally and locally. That’s the prayer knit into every sentence, every word, of Zealous Love.”Zealous Love introduces eight of the world’s most pressing challenges: hunger, unclean water, HIV/AIDS, creation degradation, lack of education, economic inequality, refugees, and human trafficking. But it does more than educate. It provides real, practical, do-able steps anyone can take to help make a difference.
ISBN: 9780310773344

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