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Revelation Unveiled

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Revelation Unveiled
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Audio Book

Revelation Unveiled

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Revelation Unveiled
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Tim LaHaye and Bill Dewees
Narrated by Bill Dewees
Length: 16 hrs. 38 min.


In Revelation Unveiled, Dr. Tim LaHaye, co-author of the best-selling Left Behind series, reveals the scriptural foundation of beloved novels.

In this audiobook, LaHaye explains the biblical topics he and Jerry Jenkins explored in Left Behind:

  • The rapture of the church:
  • The Return of Christ
  • The Great Tribulation
  • The Final Battle against Satan and His Hosts
  • The Seven Seals
  • The Antichrist
  • The Seven Trumpets
  • The Seven Bowls of Wrath
  • The Great White Throne
  • The Destruction of Babylon
  • The New Heaven and New Earth

Previously titled Revelation Illustrated and Made Plain, this revised and updated, verse-by-verse commentary of the book of Revelation includes numerous charts. With simple and accessible language, Revelation Unveiled will help you better understand the mysterious, final book of the Bible and its implications.

Perfect for fans of the Left Behind books and for anyone confused or curious about the book of Revelation.

ISBN: 9780310869825

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