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A Priceless Christmas

For the Olive Tree Bible App

A Priceless Christmas
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A Priceless Christmas

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: A Priceless Christmas
Publisher: Living on the Edge
Author: Chip Ingram
Length: 3 hrs. 43 min.


This Christmas, how do you give your children what money can't buy? We all desire to give gifts of significant value, but what does that really look like? What “Priceless” gifts can we give?  In this series, Chip unpacks 5 key areas that tend to make or break our children and gives solid biblical insight and practical steps for managing those 5 important life skills.  As a parent, or grandparent, you want to give your child every advantage in life.  A “Priceless” Christmas gives you the tools to help your child develop godly character and important life-skills.   Your life, their lives, and the lives of generations to come will never be the same.

ISBN: 9781605932446

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