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Take It Too Far

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Take It Too Far by Jess Connolly...
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Audio Book

Take It Too Far

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Take It Too Far
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Jess Connolly
Narrated by Jess Connolly
Length: 4 hrs. 27 min.


Do you ever find yourself hesitant to use your gifts because you're afraid you'll fail? Many of us feel so insecure about what we have to bring to the world that we hold back our voice and talents instead of delighting in how God made us.

Bestselling coauthor of Wild and Free, Jess Connolly has a passionate plea for you: Take It Too Far. Several years ago, Jess began using the phrase "take it too far" as a motto for her spiritual life. She found that those four words freed her to recognize and use her God-given gifts to serve others. Just as Jesus offered extravagant love for us on the cross, God calls us to live extravagantly for Him as we take grace, forgiveness, and faith as far as they can go in our lives.

Take It Too Far includes 100 devotions exploring topics such as peace, rest, purpose, hope, wonder, discipline, and courage. Each entry includes a Scripture verse, reflections from Jess, and a conclusion that shows you how you can take it too far today.

With the Holy Spirit's guidance and Jess's freeing charge, you will be inspired to bring your full self, gifts, and voice to your work, family, and relationships. The possibilities are endless when you tell God you're ready to Take It Too Far.

ISBN: 9780310455608

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