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Pursuit of God

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Pursuit of God
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Pursuit of God

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Title: Pursuit of God
Publisher: Goodwill Audio
Author: A. W. Tozer
Narrated by Dave Holdt
Length: 3 hrs. 36 min.


This beloved classic by A.W. Tozer is for the spiritually dissatisfied, for the passionate, for the hungry. If you are content wading in the "shallows" while bearing no passion to glorify God and enjoy Him forever - then this book is not for you. If your hunger and thirst can only be satisfied by God Himself, and the desire for the piercing sweetness of the love of Christ overrides all competing desires, then listening to the Pursuit of God will intoxicate you. You cannot afford to not listen to this book.

Chapters include discussions on the bliss of following hard after God, the sacrament of living, the blessedness of possessing nothing, as well as the paradox of the simultaneous pursuit of God while being pursued by Him.

A full chapter listing:

  1. Following Hard after God
  2. The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing
  3. Removing the Veil
  4. Apprehending God
  5. The Universal Presence
  6. The Speaking Voice
  7. The Gaze of the Soul
  8. Restoring the Creator-creature Relation
  9. Meekness and Rest
  10. The Sacrament of Living

This edition contains a special feature embodied in two separate sermons by C. H. Spurgeon on Finding and Fellowshipping with God.

"The ten chapters are heart searching and the prayers at the close of each are for closet, not pulpit. I felt the nearness of God while reading them. Here is a book for every pastor, missionary and devout Christian. It deals with the deep things of God and the riches of His grace." - Samuel M. Zwemer, Missionary, Scholar, Author.

A. W. Tozer(1897-1963) began his pursuit of God at the age of seventeen after hearing a street preacher in Akron, Ohio. A self-taught theologian, Tozer was a pastor, writer and editor whose powerful use of words continues to grip the intellect and stir the soul of today’s reader. Today his legacy continues as his words are still as relevant today as they were fifty years ago.

Dave Holdt is a former national and regional radio program host, teacher, and gospel minister. Having spent the most part of his vocational career using his voice to encourage, inspire, teach, and lead, he now uses it to transfer the words of classical and contemporary Christian literature from the eyes to the ear. Dave is passionate about knowing Jesus and helping others to know him, too. He is husband to the bride of his youth, and father to three precious girls.

ISBN: 9781736912706

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