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Weekly Prayer Project

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Weekly Prayer Project

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Weekly Prayer Project

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Weekly Prayer Project
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Zondervan
Narrated by John Behrens
Length: 1 hrs. 3 min.


Are you ready for a project that will actually change your life? The Weekly Prayer Project is a 52-week guided prayer journal that explores different types of prayers found in the Bible, with journaling prompts that guide you to reflect on God's work in your life and to pray with intention. This yearly prayer journal focuses on prayers of gratitude and thankfulness to prayers of lament and intercession.

The Weekly Prayer Project is:

  • Perfect for a beginner in faith and prayer life, but strong and thought provoking enough for someone already familiar with prayer
  • A unique prayer journaling format designed to help you focus and organize time for prayer
  • A perfect companion for individual worship, Bible studies, and small groups

Each week of this 12-month journal includes:

  • A biblical theme to focus on
  • A short but impactful Bible verse to help you reflect and meditate
  • Inspirational insight to guide your thoughts and jumpstart your prayer project
  • Journaling prompts to help you pray, reflect, and connect with God

Check out the rest of the series, The Weekly Faith Project and The Weekly Gratitude Project.

ISBN: 9780310139706

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