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Two Horizons Commentary (12 Vols.)

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Two Horizons Commentary
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Two Horizons Commentary (12 Vols.)

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Title: Two Horizons Commentary (12 Vols.)
Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company
Author: Joel B. Green, Craig Bartholomew and J. Gordon McConville
What's Included
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Gordon McConville; Stephen N. Williams
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James McKeown
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Ezra and Nehemiah
David J Shepherd; Christopher J H Wright
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Lindsay Wilson
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Exegesis since the Reformation era and especially in the past two hundred years emphasized careful attention to philology, grammar, syntax, and concerns of a historical nature. More recently, commentary has expanded to include social-scientific, political, or canonical questions and more.

Without slighting the significance of those sorts of questions, scholars in the Two Horizons Commentary (THOTC & THNTC) locate their primary interests on theological readings of texts, past and present. The result is a paragraph-by-paragraph engagement with the text that is deliberately theological in focus.

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