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Latin Vulgate

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Latin Vulgate
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Latin Vulgate

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Latin Vulgate
Publisher: Public Domain


The Vulgate Bible is an early 5th century translation of the Bible into Latin made by St. Jerome on the orders of Pope Damasus I. It takes its name from the phrase versio vulgata, "the common (i.e., popular) version" (cf. Vulgar Latin), and was written in an everyday Latin used in conscious distinction to the elegant Ciceronian Latin of which Jerome was a master. The Vulgate was designed to be both more accurate and easier to understand than its predecessors. It was the first, and for many centuries the only, Christian Bible with an Old Testament translated directly from the Hebrew rather than from the Greek Septuagint. Among the various Christian churches, the Vulgate has been most commonly used by Roman Catholics.

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