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God's Cleansing Stream

For the Olive Tree Bible App

God's Cleansing Stream
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God's Cleansing Stream

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: God's Cleansing Stream
Publisher: Baker
Author: Jack Hayford and Chris Hayward


God's Cleansing Stream reveals why every church needs a deliverance ministry and teaches pastors and counselors how they can put one to practical use. Deliverance was originally part of every church, but the rise of self-help programs and the idea of an individual's ability to change without God's help edged the church away from God's Word and power. Instead, deliverance came to be thought of as mere superstition. Now Chris Hayward provides tools for churches to reestablish this effective, proven ministry so that it can liberate captive souls and advance God's plans in the lives of individuals everywhere.
ISBN: 9781441268280

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