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The Names of Jesus

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The Names of Jesus
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The Names of Jesus

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Names of Jesus
Publisher: Wingspread
Author: A. B. Simpson


The Names of Jesus by A.B. Simpson is a book exactly about what it is entitled.  In this book, A B Simpson originally preached a series of sermons on the names of Christ and this book takes some of those sermons and makes a 15 chapter book out of those sermons. A.B. Simpson had this book Names of Jesus printed in 1892 and he was delighted to share that Jesus Christ was everywhere in the Bible. A B Simpson saw Christ in the Old Testament and the New Testament. A.B. Simpson saw Jesus in the rock, the staff, the tree, the river, the vine, the prophet, everywhere in scripture. With the Names of Jesus we have a great resource for reference and study that will delve into some of the more biblical truths that resonate throughout the scriptures. Believers need to know their Savior and to understand that the names reveal an underlying truth about the One who is their redeemer. A.B. Simpson wanted everyone to realize that Jesus Christ was made known to those in the OT and revealed in the NT through actions, sacrifices, names and traditions.  All of scripture winds around these truths and constantly go forward with truth and utmost authority always pointing to the Christ.

ISBN: 9781600669248

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