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Pentecostal Experience

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Pentecostal Experience
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Pentecostal Experience

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Pentecostal Experience
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: Peter D Neumann


Pentecostals are known for an experiential spirituality that emphasizes immediate encounters with God through the Holy Spirit. But how should such experience be understood? Is it, in fact, quite so immediate? Neumann argues that Pentecostal experience of God is mediated by the Spirit's work through Scripture, the Christian tradition, and the broader cultural context. Using the work of three contemporary Pentecostal theologians--Frank D. Macchia, Simon K. H. Chan, and Amos Yong--the book demonstrates that a mediated view of experience of God is forging a more mature Pentecostal theology. As further evidence of this maturation, Neumann engages these Pentecostal theologians in ecumenical dialogue with leading representatives from Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant traditions.
ISBN: 9781630870140

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