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Assurance of Salvation

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Assurance of Salvation
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Assurance of Salvation

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Title: Assurance of Salvation
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Robert A. Peterson
Narrated by Tom Parks
Length: 13 hrs. 38 min.


For years, Robert A. Peterson taught about the assurance of salvation in seminary and Sunday school classrooms. He was concerned, however, to find that some people, for a variety of reasons, were unable to grasp the certainty of their salvation. The Assurance of Salvation identifies these "troublers" of assurance and provides the remedy to diffuse insecurity.

Peterson asserts that difficult backgrounds and experiences, intellectual doubts, tender consciences, habitual sins, and overconfidence that people face are the enemies of assurance. Through a competent handling of the Bible, he explains that by embracing three gifts from God--His Word, His Spirit, and His work in our lives--those who struggle with insecurity are able to personally experience the freedom of God's assurance.

ISBN: 9780310107170

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