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Dear Solomon, My Finances Are a Mess

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Dear Solomon, My Finances Are a Mess
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Dear Solomon, My Finances Are a Mess

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Dear Solomon, My Finances Are a Mess
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Al Smith


Taming the Money Beast is often a conquest that is never achieved even by those who put forth the effort. One could get multiple university degrees with honors, but never be instructed on even the basics of handling money.

Money is simply a tool. In the hands of someone who has acquired and cultivated the skills to use it, money can bring about incredible benefits to be enjoyed by many. In the hands of a novice or one void of skills, money can bring tremendous trouble and even destroy lives. The pursuit of wisdom and understanding in expertly using this tool, is a worthy pursuit.

This book draws from the wisdom of Solomon, the wealthiest man to ever live and a man God endowed with “a wise and discerning heart” like none other (1 Kings 3:12).

The wisdom of Solomon is displayed everywhere you look. Study any Fortune Five Hundred company, and you will discover that their success can be attributed to following this wisdom. Study companies that have failed and you will discover many of Solomon’s proverbs have been violated. The same holds true for individuals. The principles taught in Proverbs are divine laws that are always active just as much as the laws of physics are active.

The Book of Proverbs, primarily authored by Solomon, is filled with practical wisdom in virtually all areas of life, including being packed with verses devoted to financial matters. This wisdom is ageless and will benefit all who set their hearts to learn and discern.

Contained within the pages of this book, are the essential principle of being a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. You will learn the vital importance of developing character, cultivating integrity, and guarding your reputation. On how your life should be marked by being an excellent worker. This requires skills in planning, setting priorities, recognizing and seizing opportunities, and avoiding the pitfalls of pursuing riches at the expense of all else.

The vital characteristic of focus and commitment will help you with motives, curb your impatience, reveal greed, and unpack the dangers of a lottery mentality. The peril of accumulating debt, the foolishness of perpetually overspending, and the tendency to be wasteful are examined.

Falsehoods are exposed. Solomon is not interested in making sure he does not offend you he is interested in being brutally honest with you. So, this book includes admonitions on tempering false expectations, understanding false impressions, avoiding false security, and basing your financial life on truth.

As with any endeavor, one must recognize and eradicate the weeds that will overtake progress include compromise, envy, phoniness, injustice, and arrogance. Solomon is clear on the folly of allowing these weeds to take root.

Having proper attitudes are also important principles discussed in this book. We must learn the value of generosity, the wisdom of teamwork, and the damaging role that unchecked selfishness can play.

Of course, handling money wisely is the essence of this book. Preparation is the key and you cannot skip or rush over this key. Preparation always precedes the proper use of money. Paying attention to details will serve you well. Knowing and understanding where you stand each step of the way is essential.

These principles work regardless of your spiritual beliefs, but there is a spiritual component at work in these truths. Without fail, if this wisdom is diligently followed and incessantly applied, you will at times be amazed at the results; results that cannot easily be explained.

This book will take you on a journey if you are game; it is a long journey but an exciting one. It will give you a spring in your step and have you eager to arise in the morning. It will give you a sense of true accomplishment before as you rest you head on the pillow at night. I promise that you won’t be sorry if you make the commitment and resolve to finally understand the rules of the financial road. The path is open before you – all are welcome!

ISBN: 9781400326488

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