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Bible Recap

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Bible Recap
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Bible Recap

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Bible Recap
Publisher: Baker


Have you ever closed your Bible and thought, What did I just read?

Whether you're brand-new to the Bible or you grew up in the second pew, reading Scripture can feel confusing or boring at times. Understanding it well seems to require reading it thoroughly (and even repeatedly), but who wants to read something they don't understand?

If you've ever wanted to read through the Bible or even just wanted to want to read it, The Bible Recap is here to help. Following a chronological Bible reading plan, these recaps explain and connect the story of Scripture, section by section. Soon you'll see yourself as a child of God who knows and loves His Word in the ways you've always hoped for.

You don't have to go to seminary. You don't need a special Bible. Just start reading this book alongside your Bible and see what God has to say about Himself in the story He's telling.


"Tara-Leigh gets me excited to read the Bible. Period. I have found a trusted guide to walk me into deeper understanding of the Scriptures."--MICHAEL DEAN MCDONALD, the Bible Project

"The Bible Recap is about to be your go-to resource for reading through the Bible in one year. Each day you will see the character of God through Scripture jump off the page, and your heart and relationship with God will be forever changed in the best ways possible."

Jamie Ivey, bestselling author and host of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast

"One of the most difficult parts of studying the Bible is knowing who you can trust for discernment and interpretation. Thankfully, Tara-Leigh is a diligent, thorough scholar of Scripture, and I'm grateful for the time and effort she put forth for this comprehensive and concise look at God's Word."

Erin H. Moon, resident Bible scholar, The Bible Binge podcast

"Tara-Leigh gets me excited to read the Bible. Period. I have found a trusted guide to walk me into deeper understanding of the Scriptures. Humble, approachable, and wise, Tara-Leigh leads us into the larger narrative of the Bible with humor, truth, and accuracy."

Michael Dean McDonald, director of global focus and strategic relationships, the Bible Project

"I have been a Bible reader for years, but Tara-Leigh has opened greater depth and understanding to my Bible engagement through The Bible Recap. This resource is one of my top recommendations for anyone looking to plunder the goodness of God's Word in bite-size portions. Read, discover, and enjoy!"

Lauren McAfee, ministry investments at Hobby Lobby Corporate and author of Not What You Think

"Tara-Leigh has the most insightful audio commentary of the Bible in the world! You better believe this book is an incredible resource. She's thoroughly done her homework and does an awesome job of presenting the reader with a helpful guide to the Bible. I've been a fan of hers for quite a while because she makes me a bigger fan of Jesus and His Word."

Jonathan Pokluda, lead pastor, Harris Creek Baptist Church

"I have the greatest desire to read the Bible, but I often resist doing it because I need help understanding what I am reading, how it pertains to my life, and how I can grasp the character of God in Scripture. I am so thankful for The Bible Recap, first because it provides a reading plan, and second because it is has given me such a deep look into the narrative of Scripture and the presence of God. It has completely deepened my time with the Lord!"

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle blogger, and founder of LSK, LSK Foundation, and Stranded

"Tara-Leigh's love for Christ and His church is poured over every single page of this book like perfume from a broken alabaster jar. As a companion to the Word itself, The Bible Recap works like a key to unlock room after room in God's hallway of mysteries. I am confident this will be a powerful resource for God seekers and God lovers for years to come."

Lee McDerment, Greenville campus pastor, NewSpring Church

"As a young believer I was taught to love good worship and good preaching, but no one taught me how to love (and understand) the Bible for myself. The Bible Recap has helped stir in me a love and a desire for God's Word, and I wish I had it earlier in my journey. I am making this my year of the Bible by joining my friend Tara-Leigh, and I encourage you to do the same!"

Nick Hall, founder and chief communicator, Pulse

"Tara-Leigh approaches the Bible with humility, passion, and a deep desire to exalt God. With an approachable style and rich content, The Bible Recap will help you fall in love with God's Word and, ultimately, who it points to--Jesus Christ."

David Bowden, founder, Spoken Gospel

"Understanding the Bible is paramount in our lives, and Tara-Leigh Cobble is amazing at teaching others to understand the Bible and its truth. This is a must-read!"

Cheryl Scruggs, biblical marriage counselor, podcast host, and coauthor of I Do Again

"I love The Bible Recap because it is eternally valuable and immediately practical! My family has truly appreciated this resource."

Brad Cooper, lead pastor, NewSpring Church

ISBN: 9781493427949

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