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On Temptation

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On Temptation
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On Temptation

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: On Temptation
Publisher: One Audiobooks
Author: John Owen
Narrated by Wayne Evans
Length: 3 hrs. 41 min.


Temptation is a real and constant struggle that every Christian has experienced and continues to face daily.  John Owen defines temptation as anything that attempts to woo the Christian heart away from God and instead towards sin and disobedience.  While man's will alone does not have the power to resist, it is by learning to rely on God’s power that Christians can overcome the influence of temptation and the perils of sin.  Owen discusses not only God’s great power, love, and protection for His children, but also enlightens Christians on how to accept these gifts and recognize when they are most needed.  He also warns God’s children not to underestimate the power of temptation or the threat of sin.  Detailing practical steps and admonitions, Owen here provides a valuable guide to living a spiritually healthy life and learning to lean on God for protection and strength.
ISBN: 9781646893683

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