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Bible Day by Day

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Bible Day by Day
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Bible Day by Day

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Bible Day by Day
Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing
Author: Rev. John C. Kersten


From the author...

This is a pocket meditation book for busy people. In writing my comments, I have tried to avoid the pitfalls of having the reader meditate on my words rather than on the word of God as quoted from the Bible. Please take my brief remarks as a starting point for meditative prayer on the Bible text itself, and whenever you have more time turn for meditation to your complete Bible. Make time and arrange a quiet place for concentration in accord with Jesus' invitation: "Come apart to a deserted place and rest a while" (Mk 6:31).

Meditation for September 4th:

We are always full of courage,...for we live by faith, not by sight. --2 Cor 5:6-7

Living by Faith
In a dense fog, a pilot lands his plane by radar, not by sight. But he must be familiar with and trust the system. Faith, an intuition or experience, is a gift like a sense of humor or an ear for music. It can be developed, however, like a pilot's familiarity with radar. We should pray for an increase of faith and practice "living by faith." Think of things that you believe at which unbelievers raise eyebrows. Are we underprivileged or are they?

ISBN: 9781500000561

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