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Five Love Languages Collection

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Five Love Languages Collection

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Available for: iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Five Love Languages Collection

For the Olive Tree Bible App

by Gary Chapman
Publisher: Moody Publishers


by Gary Chapman
Publisher: Moody Publishers

Five Love Languages Collection - Dr. Gary Chapman's popular and well-known Love Language books have been a great source of counseling and guidance to couples, singles, children, men and Christians. Gary Chapman's 30 years of experience have provided him with a wealth of insight, knowledge and vignettes to offer to his readers about love in our relationships with spouses, children, peers, coworkers and family. Each person speaks a primary love language, and discovering and meeting the needs of that love language is the key to developing and growing a healthy, loving relationship.

Detailed list of all items included in the Five Love Languages Collection:

Love Language Books

  • The Five Love Languages - Perhaps the most popular marriage counseling book of the past decade, this book explains how each person responds to one of five love languages, and tapping into your spouse's love language is the secret to a happy, successful marriage.
  • The Five Languages of Apology - Apologies come in many forms, and using the one that is meaningful to who you are apologizing to can make every difference. Whether it is taking responsibility, offering restitution, expressing remorse or another form of apology, you can strengthen relationships with apologies that are meaningful. Co-authored by psychologist Jennifer Thomas.
  • The Five Love Languages for Singles - The five love languages apply to singles, too. Singles can enjoy the deepest human need - to feel loved - based on these five languages.
  • The Five Love Languages of Children - Children often speak in words their parents and other adults do not understand. Yet, they have the same needs for love, and speak the same five love languages, as adults. Co-authored by Ross Campell.
  • The Love Languages of God - God loves us dearly, and if we learn the different love languages He speaks to us, we can know Him in a deeper, fuller way. Learn the love languages of God and feel yourself filled with all the aspects of God's deep love for His people.
  • The Five Love Languages, Men's Edition - The five love languages, written specifically for men, teaches men how to meet the needs of their wife's primary love language.
  • The Five Love Languages of Teenagers - Gary Chapman surveys the challenges facing teenagers, and provides ways to connect with their need for love in a world of violence, immorality and despair.

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Gary Chapman is a counselor, minister, and author of the Five Love Languages series. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, Wake Forest University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and regularly preaches at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC.

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