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Rent Veil, The

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Rent Veil, The

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Rent Veil, The

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Title: Rent Veil, The
Publisher: CCEL
Author: Horatius Bonar


This classic eBook is a study of Hebrews by Scottish preacher and hymn-writer Horatius Bonar. The Rent Veil includes twelve chapters driving home the point that our access to God is only and ever the blood of Jesus Christ, "not merely at first when we believed, but day by day, to the last. The blood-dropped pavement is the one we tread, and the blood-stained mercy seat is that before which we bow." Bonar's writing about Hebrews highlights the great truths of the Bible. God made man as a dwelling place for Himself, and though man thrust God away through sin, leaving Him homeless, God must return, "and He must return in a way such as will show not only the hatefulness of man's sin in thrusting Him out, but the largeness of His own grace, and the perfection of His righteousness."

Hyperlinked verse references and footnotes make reading this eBook on your PDA or mobile phone an excellent way to appreciate the depths of God's revelation concerning the power and the goal of Christ's sacrifice as Hebrews portrays it.

Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) - Those who have sung the heartwarming hymns "I heard the voice of Jesus say," "I hear the words of love," or "O Everlasting Light, shine graciously within," will realize that they have already tasted the sweet spirit of this Scottish preacher and man of God, so tender, yet clear and firm in his appreciation of the foundational sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. One link in a long family line of ministers that stretches for 364 years in the Church of Scotland, Horatius Bonar was a powerful preacher and a prolific writer. A student of Dr. Thomas Chalmers at the University of Edinburgh, Bonar became a Doctor of Divinity in 1853 and took over the pastorate of Chalmers Memorial Church, Edinburgh, in 1867. Like his youngest brother Andrew, who wrote a well-known biography of Robert Murray McCheyne, Horatius Bonar wrote several biographies of ministers of his day. He also edited for decades two prominent Christian periodicals.

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