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ESV Study Bible

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ESV Study Bible
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ESV Study Bible

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: ESV Study Bible
Publisher: Crossway


The ESV Study Bible is an extraordinary product that contains the latest and foremost evangelical Christian research and knowledge. Its expansive resources include over 20,000 notes, 50 articles, 200-plus charts, and over 200 full-color maps. Coupled with the features of the Olive Tree Bible App, it is the perfect match for one-stop in-depth study of the Word. To understand just how deeply we integrated this study Bible with our app, check out the list of features and watch the video below!

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Not quite ready to purchase the ESV Study Bible? Get this title and more with a free trial* as part of the ESV Olive Tree Bible Study Pack. Evaluate it for two weeks at no charge. If you like it, continue your subscription for only $5.99 a month. Or, you can purchase the ESV Study Bible as a standalone title in your library. With Olive Tree, you get to choose!

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Here are just some of the ways that the ESV Study Bible works within the Olive Tree app:


Probably the most familiar part of any study Bible is the study notes. If opened in the resource guide or the split window, with your Bible in the main window, those notes will follow along with you as you read. To create over 20,000 notes Crossway gathered 95 evangelical scholars and educators who are exceptional in their fields. Wherever you land in the ESV, there are plenty of study notes to explain what you are reading and why it is important. They explain the text, summarize major sections of the reading, show how that text fits into the overall history of salvation, explain puzzling or misunderstood sections, and provide background.

You may find these notes to be so expansive and helpful that you might not look at the other features. But the ESV has plenty more to offer, and it all works seamlessly in the Olive Tree App!


Crossway wanted this study Bible to be unique, so they included over 200 all-new full-color maps specifically designed to make the events, people and places of the Bible come to life! They were created using the latest technology and represent the most recent biblical archaeological scholarship. As you read along in the Bible, these maps will automatically appear in the maps section of the resource guide. Want to take a closer look? You can zoom in on that particular spot of interest! They also included over 40 new illustrations and more than 200 charts. These will pop into the resource guide in the images and charts sections.


Over 80,000 cross-references help you pull it all together, allowing you to quickly access related or referenced passages. These dynamically appear in the resource guide under the “related verses” section, showing you any cross references that are tied to the section of scripture that you are reading from (you will see them listed under the ESV Bible).


Not only are there introductions to each book of the Bible, but each major section gets its own introduction as well. Learn about the authorship, the date it was written, what was going on in the world at the time it was written, what key themes it covers, and the literary features unique to that book.

Finally, this product has supplemental articles that cover topics such as the authority and truthfulness of the Bible, reading the Bible for application, the Bible in worship and prayer, the reliability of the biblical manuscripts, the relationship between archaeology and the Bible, an overview of biblical theology, and many more.

Whether you purchase it a la carte or nab it in a subscription, the ESV Study Bible is one of the most important additions to your library that you can make.

Video: How the ESV Study Bible Works in the App

Please note: The Daily Reading Plan included with the print version of the ESV Study Bible is not currently available.

*This offer is available to anyone who has not previously participated in a trial.

ISBN: 9781433518874

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