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Fated Genes

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Fated Genes
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Fated Genes

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Title: Fated Genes
Publisher: Crossway
Author: Harry Kraus


A prominent pediatric surgeon is hungry for a political appointment. A powerful pharmaceutical company president is helping him to further her own dangerous agenda. Can anyone stop them? This gripping story raises serious spiritual and ethical questions and explores how far some people will go in the name of science.

Brad Forrest is a young, overworked pediatric surgeon who risks losing everything—including his wife and young son—to obtain the career opportunity of his dreams. Web Tyson, founder and head of a prestigious pediatric surgery practice, may be the next Surgeon General of the United States—unless the truth comes out about what is happening to infants in Room 525 of the Crestview Women’s and Children’s Health Center. And Lenore Kingsley, wealthy president of a huge pharmaceutical company, is using her power to engage in human DNA splicing research and to make Web Tyson the next Surgeon General—for her own dark purposes. When these three personalities collide over a strange chain of events, none of them will be the same—and none of them may survive.

Real-life surgeon Harry Kraus weaves social issues like health care, euthanasia, and genetic research into this medical thriller.

“A chillingly detailed picture of the power struggles that dominate the biogenetics industry.” — Library Journal

“This medical potboiler…holds readers glued to their seats.… Kraus may be to the medical world what John Grisham is to the legal territory!” — A Closer Look

“Kraus raises important questions and, wisely in a work of fiction, attempts no answers, preferring to let the story speak for itself.” — Ethics & Medicine

“Kraus… [is] quick on the uptake with tight, interwoven conflicts and thorough character development. Powerful illustrations of biblical truths also saturate every crevice of the story line.” — Christian Retailing

“A thought-provoking book that should wake Christians up as to what could happen in the world of medicine if stiffer restraints aren’t enforced.” — Church Libraries

Missionary, practicing surgeon, and author Harry Lee Kraus, Jr., M.D. puts his medical background as a general surgeon to good use in adding depth and credibility to his fiction. Dr. Kraus currently serves as a missionary surgeon with Africa Inland Mission, at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. He is the author of eight novels.

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