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NASB - Free Demo with Strong's Numbers

For The Bible Study App

NASB - Free Demo with Strong's Numbers

Available for: iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows Desktop and Windows Store.

NASB - Free Demo with Strong's Numbers

For The Bible Study App

Publisher: Lockman


Publisher: Lockman

This is a free demo of NASB Strongs, it contains only the Book of Galatians and needed dictionary entries. The complete full product is available at NASB Strong's which contains the entire Bible and all Strongs dictionary entries.

Based on the American Standard Version of 1901, which is still highly regarded for its accuracy, this modern revision aims to adhere as closely as possible to the original biblical languages and to afford readers a text that is fluent and readable in current English style. The New American Standard Bible, or NASB, has been widely used and appreciated by many since it its publication in 1971.

The well-known Strong's Exhaustive Concordance lists all the significant words in the Bible and references each word to the original Hebrew and Greek languages. The concordance was first published in 1890 by Dr. James Strong, whose life's work was to provide students of the Bible with an accurate and functional tool to understand the language of God. He and others worked on the list for 35 years without the aid of today’s technology. Dr. Strong's work is still universally recognized as one of the essential aids for studying the Bible.

The Bible Study App makes using this tool especially easy and fruitful. Tapping on a word or Strong's number in the text opens a second window displaying the dictionary information.

If you desire to read the text without the visual interference of the Strong’s numbers, you can toggle the numbers off and back on again at will. You can also highlight a Strong’s number and paste it into the search window. Because a number represents the lemma, or dictionary form of a word, your search will show you, literally, every occurrence of that particular word in the Bible, regardless of the form of the word whose number you tapped. This powerful search process gives you the virtual equivalent of the Englishman’s Greek and Hebrew Concordances and of Young’s Analytical Concordance with your NASB.


  • Strong's numbers can be toggled on/off as desired via the menu. When the numbers are off, you can access the dictionary entries by selecting a word from the Bible text.
  • Greek and Hebrew fonts in the dictionary entries are not supported on Symbian devices.

5.9 is Coming Soon!

This product is only available for the new 5.9 version of our apps. However, if you purchase now, you will be able to download the product at no extra charge when your app is updated to version 5.9.

The Olive Tree team has been busy working on a major technology update to give you the best reading and studying experience possible. The Bible Study App 5.9 technology update is already available for our Windows Store and iOS apps. We are currently working on the 5.9 update for our Android, Mac, and Windows Desktop apps, and hope to have them released soon!

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Will 5.9 Be Available For My Device?
We are currently working on the 5.9 update for our Android, Mac, and Windows Desktop apps. Please note that 5.9 will only be available to the Android Google Play store for those running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above, and to the Mac App Store for those running the latest Mac OS X version (Yosemite).

When Is The 5.9 Update Expected?
The 5.9 update is our top priority. We are working hard to get the update out as soon as we can. This is a major update to our core technology that requires us to rework major sections of the app. It could still be several months before we have fully rolled out 5.9 to all platforms.

Will I Have To Purchase This Resource Again?
Nope! If you purchase this product now, you will be able to download it as soon as your app has been updated to 5.9 at no additional charge.