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The Lord's Prayer

For the Olive Tree Bible App

The Lord's Prayer

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The Lord's Prayer

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Lord's Prayer
Publisher: Olive Tree
Author: Drew Haninger


The Lord's Prayer from Matthew chapter 6 contains six main points. Three items towards God: Thy Name, Thy Kingdom, and Thy will. Then there are 3 points towards man: daily bread, forgive others, and deliver us from evil.

Sample from this resource: I kind of like that translation---“Pray like this.” You need to realize that the different English translations translate this differently. Some people get hung up thinking you have to pray the Lord’s Prayer exactly like it appears, from the beginning word to the last word and you cannot stop, you cannot pause, and you cannot interject any other prayer in the middle of it. I have done this myself too. Then some pray all over the place. So there are two extremes. Proper prayer mingles or mixes the Word of God in with your prayer. So it is okay to take part of the Lord’s Prayer and pray it back to God.
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