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Adultery (Hope for the Heart)

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Adultery (Hope for the Heart)
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Adultery (Hope for the Heart)

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Title: Adultery (Hope for the Heart)
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Author: June Hunt


Adultery: The Snare of an Affair

Has your heart been broken by a cheating husband or cheating wife? Has your life been gripped by the agony of adultery? Has your life been forever changed because of the snare of an emotional affair? Adultery is no small matter, especially for those who experience the intense pain of living with a spouse who breaks the marriage covenant. In the book, Adultery: The Snare of an Affair, June Hunt provides Christian counseling on how to find hope in God. But, this is more than Christian marriage counseling—it shows how to find healing, hope, and forgiveness after the devastation of an affair.

In the first section of Adultery, June defines adultery and reveals the warning signs of adultery, such as change in mood, appearance, spending, etc. She provides practical ways and sound biblical wisdom in answering tough questions, such as—

  • What can I do to ensure that I will be faithful when I feel attracted to someone beside my spouse?
  • My husband had numerous affairs and now wants to reconcile. Should we get back together?
  • Why does anyone get involved in adultery? Is it my fault?
  • Is it wrong to try to find out whether or not my spouse is being unfaithful? If it's not wrong, what is the best way to do so?

June illustrates the consequences of adultery by retelling the story of David, a man of God who fell into the temptation of having an affair, which led to guilt-ridden "cover ups" and a strained relationship with God. She goes on to explain the causes, characteristics, and consequences of adultery, such as the—

  • 9 false promises of adultery
  • 9 characteristics of an adulterer
  • 9 common reasons people get sucked into adultery

In the section titled, "Steps to Solution," June Hunt explains—

  • How an adulterer can change—for good.
  • 6 common mistakes made by the faithful spouse
  • 6 ways the faithful spouse can respond to adultery in a healthy way
  • How to prepare and conduct a crisis intervention

Hopelessness. Loneliness. Despair. Anger. Revenge—There are many emotions that come up when one finds out that their spouse is having an affair. But, God can bring peace and restoration to you. May God use the truths in this book to bring healing to your heart and hope to your soul.

ISBN: 9781596368088

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