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The Temple and Its Teaching

For the Olive Tree Bible App

The Temple and Its Teaching
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The Temple and Its Teaching

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Temple and Its Teaching
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Author: Arthur E. Smith


Since time began men have vied with each other in erecting buildings beautiful in architectural design and material to commemorate a name, an event, or to serve in their worship of God.

David’s son Solomon acknowledged by Christians and non-Christians for his scholarly wisdom during a reign of forty years was responsible for the erection of a famous beautiful Temple. Detailed descriptions and measurements are given of Solomon’s Temple in the Bible.

However, more Christians direct their attention and study to the Old Testament Tabernacle than to Solomon’s Temple. Many Christians may be able to tell more about the Taj Mahal or the Mosque of Omar than about the Temple and pattern of ritual executed within it by the people of Israel.

You will be amazed and delighted to find how much the Temple reveals of scriptural truth for the Christian today. The structure, the utensils, the color scheme—all speak of God’s work for, His dealings with, his people and, transcending all, of His glory.

The many illustrations in the book with their descriptions will enhance and deepen your study as they elucidate scriptural truth, perhaps hitherto hidden from you. The author seeks to edify you, not to add merely another book to your Christian library.

Come now, how much study time have you given to the study of Solomon’s Temple, or how familiar are you with it? At nominal cost to you, here is your opportunity to add precious Christian truth to your present store of Bible knowledge.

ISBN: 9780802492821

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