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Wake Up Laughing

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Wake Up Laughing
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Wake Up Laughing

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Wake Up Laughing
Publisher: Barbour Books
Author: Rachel St. John-Gilbert


Like the quest for a perfect pair of shoes, the search for the right devotional book seems endless at times. But finally, 'Wake Up Laughing: Offbeat Devotions for the Unconventional Woman' has arrived. In sixty creative takes on the ordinary, author Rachel St. John-Gilbert uses quirky humor to inspire the savvy reader who hungers for a fresh, challenging devotional. Each brief reading combines unusual observations on everyday life experiences-like the clunky cart at the grocery-with spiritual applications that promise to encourage and inspire. Readers will enjoy the therapeutic effects of stress-relieving wit and start their day with joy.

ISBN: 9781624166242

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